JAN 14

What is the best high index lens on the market today?

If you have a high prescription and do not want the “bug eye” look than high index lenses are the answer for you.

Today’s best high index lens on the market

What is the best high index lens on the market today?Now the best high index lenses on the market all depends on whether or not you want a plastic or a glass lens.  The best plastic lens on the market now is the 1.74 High Index Plastic. This is the thinnest and lightest high index plastic lens.  It is extremely scratch resistant and it is also available in more color and prescription options than many other high index lens materials. For the best glass high index lens on the market I would say that the 1.9 High Index Glass is #1.   It is very sleek and is scratch resistant.  The material is also extremely brittle, heavier than plastic, and prone to optical distortion. Those with the highest prescriptions who want the thinnest lenses possible should consider 1.90 high index glass.

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