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Thinner Lenses for My Glasses

Looking to have the most attractive glasses possible? Do you find yourself asking…

“Can I Get Thinner Lenses for My Glasses?”

Prescription eyeglasses can be a real pain to shop for if you have a high prescription. They are clumsy, unattractive, and cumbersome to wear.

Luckily, modern science has created high index lenses to make eyeglasses shopping fun and easy again. High index lenses greatly reduce the thickness and weight of your glasses and increase their appeal and attractiveness. They offer thinner lenses for your glasses, and greater confidence in your looks.

If you have a strong prescription, you likely suffer from eye distortion which causes your eyes to look bigger or smaller than they are. You probably also suffer from heavy lenses in your glasses, problems with your glasses sliding down your face, and thick lenses causing people to see how strong your prescription is.

Looking for thinner lenses for your glasses? Here’s why high index lenses are great:

The glasses with the thinnest lenses possible for high prescriptions are likely going to be high index 1.90 glass lenses glasses. 1.90 is the highest index lens material available on the market today, and it comes in glass, not plastic.

  • High index lenses make your glasses as thin as they can be.
  • Thinner lenses for your glasses are lighter, more attractive, and easier to wear.
  • High index lenses make your glasses lighter, meaning they won’t slide down your nose as easily or cause uncomfortable pressure points after hours of wear.
  • High index lenses reduce or remove the eye distortion that strong, thick lenses cause, making your eyes look more natural.
  • Thinner lenses for your glasses are also naturally more scratch resistant, because high index lenses are denser than standard index lenses.

Nothing beats the comfort, style, attractiveness, durability, and increased confidence brought by high index lenses.

Shop High Index Glasses

There is no longer a need to suffer from thick, unsightly lenses and the problems they bring. High index lenses are science’s answer to the strong prescription wearer’s call.

Comfort and style come from switching to high index lenses. If you are looking for thinner lenses for your glasses, high index is the way to go.

If you have any questions about high index lenses or which ones are right for you, check out some of our other blogs, leave us a comment below, or give us a call! Thanks for reading!

  1. claire greeson says:

    having a problem with my eye care provider on getting thin lenses

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