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What is the Thinnest Lens for High Prescriptions?

Looking for the thinnest lenses possible?

How Thin Can Lenses for High Prescriptions Be?

High prescription wearers are burdened by the need for thick, clumsy-looking glasses, and it can be especially disheartening to shop for glasses that match your face shape when you know that they’re going to look worse for the lenses they’ll have in them.

High index lenses reduce the thickness of lenses with high prescriptions a considerable amount, but there are different indexes available which vary in thickness. generally speaking, the thinnest lenses possible are the ones with the highest index. If you’re shopping for prescription glasses with the thinnest lenses possible, you should be ordering your glasses with the highest index lenses you can find.

If you’re shopping for the thinnest lenses possible, here’s what you should know:

  • The glasses with the thinnest lenses possible for high prescriptions are likely going to be high index 1.90 glass lenses glasses. 1.90 is the highest index lens material available on the market today, and it comes in glass, not plastic.
  • High index glass lenses are extremely dense, making them heavier and more reflective than plastic lenses. If thinness is you’re top priority, then 1.90 high index glass lenses are the way to go, but you should make sure you order them with anti-reflective coating to minimize glare and reflections.
  • Since high index glass lenses are somewhat heavy, you should order them in a frame that fits you very well. Special consideration should be made to make sure that the bend in the temple bars bends over your ears without extending further. This will reduce the amount of slippage that occurs with the glasses.
  • High prescription wearers have to deal with the problem of eye distortion, where the prescription lenses make their eyes look larger or smaller than they actually are. High index lenses will reduce or eliminate this problem depending on the index and the strength of the prescription. 1.90 high index glass lenses will be the most effective at reducing eye distortion.
  • People with extremely high prescriptions will be amazed at the thinness and aesthetic quality of 1.90 high index glass lenses. They are also highly scratch-resistant and durable.

If you are shopping for the thinnest glasses lenses possible, 1.90 high index glass lenses are the way to go.

Shop High Index Glasses

High prescription wearers really do have a burden when it comes to shopping for prescription glasses. Thanks to modern technology, however, people who have had to deal with ugly, thick lenses are able to avoid them with high index lenses.

We hope this brings some hope and fun to those who are struggling to shop for good-looking glasses with high prescriptions! High index 1.90 glass lenses are sure to make your glasses look to be a small fraction of the strength that they actually are.

If you have any questions or comments about high index lenses or thin glasses lenses, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy your glasses with the thinnest lenses possible!

  1. Mike Fisher says:

    Are these type lenses expensive?

    • phillipsadmin says:

      Depending on the Index you order they can get expensive. The 1.67 high index lenses are not horrible but after that the price does go up quite a bit.

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