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How can I get my eyeglass lenses to look thinner

I have a high prescription for my glasses and if the correct lens is not used then it looks like I have bug eyes in my glasses.

Can I make my thick glasses look thinner?

How can I get my eyeglass lenses to look thinnerSo how can you get your eyeglass lenses to look thinner?  When ordering your lens material be sure to order a High Index Plastic such as our High Index Plastic 1.70 or 1.74.

1.70 high index lenses are our most popular high index lenses. with low optical distortion, nearly identical thinness to 1.74, high scratch resistance, low weight, and workability with all prescriptions, they are the most well-rounded high index lenses we carry. They are also the lightest. In extremely high prescriptions, 1.74 high index is slightly thinner, but 1.70 is almost always lighter due to its relatively low density. At a reasonable price point, it’s a good choice for most people.

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Should you have any questions about your lenses, our customer service reps are here to help you along with your optical needs.

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