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High Index Lens Manufacturers

High index lenses are made just as glass and plastic are formed, via a complex chemical and production process.

Manufacturers of High Index Lenses

High Index Lens ManufacturersThe exact process and chemical makeup is, as you might imagine, somewhat of an industry secret; certainly the individual manufacturers of high index blanks are loath to share their production methods. But in general, high index plastic and glass manufacturing is simply an offshoot of standard plastic and glass formation, albeit with different materials and with different stages of preparation and finalization.

Many of the companies that manufacture plastic and glass products also produce high index blanks of various grades. You may be familiar with some of these manufacturers because of the other products for which they are known. Corning, for instance, is worldwide leader in the production of plastic and glass products of all types, but is famous for CorningWare, its line of pans, bowls, and molds used for cooking and baking. Nikon is primarily known as a maker of quality cameras, but also specializes in the production of lenses, including the high index variety.

Here are a few of the primary high index lens manufacturers and a little information about each company:

  • Corning – One of the largest and oldest makers of plastic and glass solutions for the ophthalmic industry, Corning was established in 1753 and operates business offices, production facilities, and research & development centers throughout the world.
  • Zeiss – Zeiss is known throughout the world as developer and producer of fine lens materials and coatings. They specialize in coatings designed to improve the clarity and the longevity of their lenses, including Hydro Coatings, Anti-Reflective Coatings, Teflon Clear Coat, Super Scratch Protection, and Carat Advantage.
  • Nikon – Established in the camera industry because of the quality and variety of camera lenses they produce, Nikon actually produces all formats of lenses, including eyeglass lenses. They are an innovator in lens design and material.
  • Seiko – Known for producing lenses with a back-surface design, Seiko is a leader in progressive and high index lenses. Anti-reflective coatings are available and a finished hard coat is standard on all lenses for maximum protection.
  • Essilor – A producer and distributor of eyewear lenses, Essilor is one of the largest U.S.-based companies in the eyewear industry. Their extensive selection of lenses and other eyewear goods include a full line of high index lens products.

These are but a few of the established corporations that manufacture high index lenses. Rest assured, no matter where your high index blanks originate, they undergo detailed quality control measures and are manufactured with premium materials to the highest standards. In the high index lens market, there’s very little room for error. Companies that cannot produce high quality lenses on a consistent basis do not last in this business.

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