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High-Index Lenses: Improve Your Vision And Your Confidence

There are quite a few factors that go into determining what type of eyeglasses someone needs. Since there are so many factors, the entire process can be quite overwhelming for patients. 

There are more lens materials and lens types than there have been in recent years. More patients are asking their opticians about thin lenses because they are more comfortable and attractive.

High index lenses are the perfect lens choice for anyone who wants appealing lenses that are not thick, heavy, and unappealing. Before being recommended any type of lens, the prescription will definitely have to be considered.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with myopia, also known as nearsightedness, will likely be recommended high index lenses. These lenses can also be recommended to anyone who has farsightedness or astigmatism.

If someone is farsighted and wears eyeglasses, the lenses will likely have a thicker middle. The stronger the prescription is the more the thickness increases. However, this is different when wearing high-index lenses.

High-index lenses also do a better job of bending light rays, and this means people’s vision will be clearer because they will not have to worry about their vision being obstructed.

Here are some benefits of wearing high-index lenses:

  • The lenses are not thick; they are thinner than the traditional lenses.
  • They give your eyeglasses a better look because of the great appeal. You can even wear frames with no rims without having to worry about the weight of lenses.
  • High-index lenses do not use a significant amount of material, which makes them weigh less.
  • The lenses will not stick out; the lenses have a flat design.
  • Your eyes will be protected from UV rays.
  • You will not have to worry about having the bug-eyed look that you may have had when you wore your previous pair of eyeglasses years ago.

High-index lenses have been manufactured to have a thinner layer around the edges, and they are manufactured to be light in weight.

In previous years, when people found out they were given a strong prescription, they knew they would be recommended thick lenses that were heavy and unappealing.

These lenses were known as coke bottle lenses or coke bottle glasses. Thankfully, times have changed and this look can be avoided. The high-index lenses you may be recommended will look good with any type of frames.

If you want the thinner lenses and a more attractive look, you will definitely need to ask your optician about high-index lenses. A good thing about these lenses is that you will not have limitations on your frames.

Many of the frames that people wear today are made from a metal material or plastic material. The rims on the frames are typically thinner than the lens in the frames. A popular fashion trend for eyeglass wearers is the rimless frames.

Rimless frames are a good pairing with high-index lenses because the edges are not thin and this will make a more appealing look than wearing rimless frames with thick lenses.

Anyone who has been given a strong prescription will be recommended a high-index lens. You will definitely enjoy the benefits that will come from wearing these lenses. The high-index lenses will do more than help you see better.

The high-index lenses will give you a new sense of confidence because you will feel better about the way you look while wearing your glasses. You will not have to hide your glasses or wear them only when in private. You can walk outside and show people who you really are while wearing your high-index eyeglasses.

If you are looking for better comfort, improved vision, and a new and improved look, you cannot get any better than high-index lenses, especially if you have a strong prescription.

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