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High-Index Eyeglasses: So Light, You Will Forget You Are Wearing Them

Do you remember the first time when an appointment to see your eye doctor was made and you were prescribed glasses? Were you pleased with the glasses you received? Chances are high that you were prescribed some coke-bottle glasses. Thankfully, we have moved past those days.

Let’s be open and honest here – not too many people like thick lenses. Thin lenses are what is in now. Thick and heavy lenses can be annoying because of the heavy feeling they have on your face. Thin lenses do not feel that way on your face.

Thin lenses are so lightweight that you may sometimes forget you are actually wearing them. So, who would actually want to wear a pair of thick lenses, especially if you do not really need to wear them? There are so many options on the market now that no one should have to settle for thick lenses.

Many people who have to wear eyeglasses are nearsighted. People who have to wear eyeglasses to treat their nearsightedness will have to wear lenses that have thick edges. This means that any prescription that is strong will have thick edges.

Since the frames of eyeglasses are made differently today, the frames will be thin. The frames will be so thin that the lenses will certainly be bigger than the frames. We will find many frames that are not able to hold the thick lenses.

So, what is the difference between high-index lenses and the traditional lenses? Are there any benefits? Thin lenses like high-index lenses have thin edges and these edges will allow more light to bend through the lenses. Lenses that have thinner edges will not require as much material as your basic lenses. When less material is needed to create the lenses, it means that the lenses will be light on your face.

High-index lenses are not just for the nearsighted eyeglass wearers. Anyone who is farsighted can also wear high-index lenses because of the thickness in the middle. Thin lenses will mean no one will have to walk around with the same look as a bug. Do you remember hearing children call someone else “bug-eyes”? Well, when you hear high-index lenses you will not have to worry about anyone calling you bug eyes.

Thankfully, we are living in a different time. If you want to wear high-index lenses, you can do so without having to worry about someone else wearing the exact same as you. There are various styles and options to choose from.

If you have been given a high prescription, you will want to choose lenses that are as thin as you can get them. Since you have been given a high prescription, you will also want to wear lenses that have a high index.

Wearing high-index lenses offer a host of benefits and the cost you will pay for them is definitely worth it. It can be difficult finding the right pair of glasses, especially when you want them to improve your vision and to improve your look.

You want to get the best of both worlds, right? Thankfully, there are lenses are frames that will suit all of your needs. You can purchase the high-index glasses you need online or in a store.

When you know what type of frames and lenses you are looking for, you will be better prepared when you walk into the store. Remember, you do not have to settle for the thick lenses you may have worn before. You can walk around in style with improved vision when you wear high-index lenses.

Are you ready to see what high-index lenses have to offer?

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