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Should I Get High Index Lenses?

It can be completely overwhelming and frustrating to think about all the factors that play a part in eyeglass frames and lenses. The number of frames types, lenses types, technology, and material have all grown significantly in recent years. Many eyeglasses wearers are making the decision to opt for thinner lenses instead of the thicker lenses of the past. Thinner lenses are considered to be more appealing and comfortable than the thicker lenses.

High-index lenses are recommended for many patients who have a request for thinner and more comfortable lenses. However, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. Your prescription should always play a significant part in the type of lenses that are recommended. Patients who have been given a stronger prescription will require high index lenses because this will allow them to have their desired thin lenses.

High Indexing: What Is It?

What exactly are high index lenses? If you want to dive into the technical aspect of high index lenses, you will find out the index of refraction relates to the direction a material bend light. The lenses in our glasses solve errors in refraction. The prescription you are given will indicate the amount of refraction you need to have the clear vision you need. High index lenses are able to bend the lighting source more adequately and at more abrupt angles than their conventional counterparts. High index lenses do not need as much material as the counterparts.

High Index: Refractive Lenses

The standard plastic lenses that many people wear have a refractive index of 1.50 and glass lenses will have a refractive index of nearly around 1.52. High index lenses have a higher refractive index than the standard and glass lenses; the refractive lens can range from 1.53 to 1.74. Many patients often wonder how thin the high index lenses are.

It is important to take this into consideration: High index lenses that have an index of 1.70 can have lenses that are about fifty percent thinner than the standard index plastic lenses. The type of high index lenses you have will greatly depend on the prescription you have been given. However, if you have been given a strong prescription, you may want to get the highest index lens. Your glasses need to be made so they can bend light in a manner that will allow you to see clearly.

Why Does My Face Look Like This?

You have been given a prescription from your eye doctor. You have been given a prescription for contacts, but you also want to be given a prescription for a pair of glasses. This can turn out to be a good option if you do not want to over-wear your contact lenses.

However, you have not been happy with the previous glasses you have worn in the past and you are wary of wearing glasses again because of history. You do not want to appear to have bug eyes like your previous glasses have made you look. Did you know your eyeglasses frames make a major difference in your appearance? This is very true for anyone who has been given a high prescription because the lenses will be thicker when the prescription is higher. When wearing thick lenses, this can result in misshapen look. How can you correct this problem? A great way many people have corrected this problem is by wearing high index lenses.

Do I Need High Index Lenses?

If you have been asking yourself the question, “Do I need to wear high-index lenses?”, now may be the best time to talk to your eye doctor about how to choose the right lenses for your visual needs. High-index lenses are the perfect choice for anyone who needs a rather strong eyeglass prescription, regardless if they are farsighted, have astigmatism, or are nearsighted.

Generally, the worse someone’s eyesight, the thicker the eyeglass lenses are and this can have a major impact on someone’s appearance. The solution to those “coke bottle glasses” is wearing high-index lenses. High-index lenses are worn by those with these eye conditions to prevent them from walking around town with thick lenses or heavy lenses. If anyone has a sensitivity to glasses that weigh more than other glasses, high-index lenses will be a good choice because these lenses will be lightweight and comfortable throughout the entire day.

How Can I Benefit From Wearing High Index Lenses?

If you are nearsighted, you will generally need lenses that have a thicker edge. If you are farsighted, you will want to wear lenses that have a thicker middle and thinner edges. The thickness of the lenses will increase as the strength of a prescription increases. However, this is not the same for high index lenses. There are various benefits of high indexing, including the falling:

  • High index lenses are lighter because they do not use as much material as the standard lenses
  • High index lenses are more comfortable because of the lack of extra material being used to create these lenses
  • High index lenses can provide a significant amount of UV protection
  • The lenses are thinner than the traditional lenses, even if the prescription is the same
  • High index lenses will improve the look and appeal of your eyeglasses. Even if you have been given a high prescription, you will be able to wear frames with no rims without being concerned with giving off a heavy appearance.
  • High index lenses are flatter than standard lenses and this means you will not have to worry about appearing to be “bug-eyed”.

Take This Into Consideration

It is important to consider a variety of things when choosing your frames and your lenses. Choosing the frames that are appropriate for your face is something everyone considers. However, it is also important that you ensure your lenses will pair well with your frames and your face. If your prescription is high, you may want to choose frames that are small or rounded.

Why should you consider frames that are smaller or rounder? Smaller or rounder frames will reduce the misshapen or distorted look that you may have seen in the past with the edges on your lenses. Also, if you have been given a higher prescription you may not want to choose a thin frame. Why? If your frames and your lenses are thin, your lenses may be seen over your frames.

It is also important that you think about how often you will plan to wear your eyeglasses. What type of setting will you generally wear your eyeglasses? If you plan to wear your glasses at all times and spend a significant amount of time looking at a computer, you may want to consider high index lenses with a blue light coating. A blue light coating will reduce extra eye strain by deflecting blue light that is emitted by all of your digital devices. You should ensure you choose a frame that will fit your personality, your work life, your personal life, your style, and your prescription.

It is important that you choose the right type of high index lenses because this will determine the thickness of your glasses. There are multiple types of high index lenses that you can choose from, and there will be advantages and disadvantages of each one. However, the options that will be made available to you will be determined mostly by your prescription and what you plan to use your glasses for.

It is important that you ask the right questions so you can be more informed about your decision when it comes to your eyeglasses. When you become more informed on high index lenses, you will be able to ask your eye doctor all the right questions. When you know what to look for and you know what type of lenses and frames will suit your personal style and your life, you will have a pair of glasses that will provide you with the level of comfort you have been searching for.

If you need an updated prescription, you should not hesitate to undergo a full eye exam. We want you to have the best glasses for your lifestyle. If you ever have questions or concerns about your vision or your choice of eyeglasses, you should never reach out and ask for help. If your current lenses are not living up to your expectations, you do not have to settle for them. There are so many options available to you that you may not be aware of.

When you choose high index lenses, you will not no longer have to sacrifice clarity for comfort. You will have the perfect type of glasses that will offer you the comfort you need and the perfect amount of clarity. Are you ready to find out if high-index lenses can combat some of the issues you have been experiencing with your vision? Are you ready to feel comfortable and look appealing while wearing your eyeglasses? Now is a great time to talk to your eye doctor and browse the wide selection of high index lenses.

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