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High-Index Eyeglasses: Protect Your Investment From Heat, Dust, And Dirt.

We have all been warned about the things we should not leave in our vehicles on a hot day. We all know how dangerous it is to leave children in the car, along with pets. You should also avoid leaving CDs, DVDs, and your eyeglasses. While it may be 80 to 90 degrees outside, the temperature in the vehicle can reach up to 200 degrees. It does not take much for the heat to ruin your glasses.

While all glasses can be damaged by the heat, your plastic frames will be damaged quicker than your metal frames. Our frames are softened from the heat, and soft frames give us the opportunity to make the proper adjustments to our glasses.

When your eyeglasses are left in a hot car, especially if you have placed them in an eyeglasses case, your lenses and frames can become loose because of the heat. Yes, your lenses can also be damaged by the heat.

If you are wearing polarized sunglasses, the film that is used in the lenses can be damaged when exposed to an excessive amount of heat. The lenses can also expand and contract with high temperatures, which will cause the lenses to warp. When your lenses are warped, you will no longer have the high-quality of vision you did before the lenses were exposed to the heat.

If you have lens coating, such as anti-reflective or scratch-resistant coating, these coatings will likely also expand. These lens coatings can expand at a faster rate, which will likely cause cracking. There are certainly some improvements in coatings that may be able to withstand heat, but those high-quality coatings can eventually crack when they have been exposed to high temperatures.

Here are some things you can do to protect your new high-index eyeglasses:

Cleaning Your Glasses: Before and After

Do you use hot water or warm water when you rinse your glasses? It is recommended that you use warm water. Use warm water to rinse your glasses before you actually clean them. If you clean your glasses without water, you will likely be putting dirt, dust, and other particles into your lenses. When it is time to dry your glasses, you should clean them with a clean cloth that is lint-free.

If you are unable to rinse your glasses first, you should try to find a microfiber cloth that you can use. When you use a microfiber cloth, you will be able to prevent your lenses from getting any scratches. Make sure you keep your microfiber cloth protected in a case so your cloth will not have any dust or other particles on it. You do not want to ruin your lenses because of the type of cloth you used.


To protect your glasses against any scratches, cracks, dents, etc., you should find a hard case to store your glasses in. If you do not have a storage case, you can make sure you place them on a table with the lenses facing you. When your lenses are facing up, they will not rub against the table or anything else.

You should always avoid storing your glasses in your pocket or bag. You may think your glasses will be safe in your purse or your pocket, but you are really setting yourself to have to purchase a brand new pair of glasses. You have invested your money into your eyeglasses and you should want to protect what you spent your money on. When you protect your glasses at all times, they will be able to give you the quality vision you need until it is time for a new prescription.

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