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High-Index Eyeglasses: What Could Be The Problem With Your New Glasses?

Many people can go to the eye doctor, get their new pair of glasses and get adjusted to them immediately with no problems. However, there are times when someone will have trouble adjusting to their new prescription changes. 

You can compare your eyeglasses prescription to one of your medication prescriptions. We can experience a variety of side effects after taking a new prescription. Your lenses can also have side effects.

When you are wearing a pair of glasses that do not work, you will probably go through a variety of steps to figure out the reason why the glasses are not working the way you thought they would.

When you can figure out why your glasses are not working, you will know what to do the next time you have to get a new prescription and a new pair of glasses. There are many reasons why your glasses are causing you problems instead of fixing your vision problems.

Incorrect Material Was Used

Are you aware that people rarely wear eyeglasses that are made with glass lenses? Lenses are made with many materials, other than glass. Many lenses are made with some form of plastic material. Although eyeglass lenses are made with plastic, all forms of plastic are not made the same.

Everyone who wears glasses wants to be able to see clearly out of those glasses, but your eye doctors will have to go through several steps in order to find the right type of lenses.

If you have been given a high prescription, you may notice that your lenses are thicker than usual. For a high prescription, a high-index lens material will be more appropriate. High-index lenses can significantly cut down on the thickness of your glasses.

You will probably be asked several questions so the eye doctor can help determine the best type of lenses for your lifestyle. There is a right type of material for everyone, and to be sure you get the right material for your lenses, you should make sure you answer all the questions with honest answers.

Your Glasses Do Not Fit

Your glasses will only perform the way you need them to if your frame is fitted properly. If your glasses are not fit properly, you will not get a great performance out of them. When it is time for you to pick up your new pair of glasses, your eye doctor should allow you to try on the glasses before you walk out the door.

If your glasses do not fit the way you need them to, you should be able to make the adjustments to fit your level of comfort. Your glasses should fit properly not only for the comfort level, but so you will have the best opportunities to see on a daily basis.

If your eyeglasses frames are crooked, you will not have the best visual quality. If your glasses are sitting too high on your face or too low on your face, you will not be able to clearly see the objects you should be focused on. Your vision may be distorted and you may find yourself constantly straining their eyes so they can see.

Too Much Glare

Before you agree to a certain pair of glasses, you should make the decision to go with lenses that have a glare or lenses that do not have a glare. Whenever you place glass or plastic in front of your eyes, you will see a glare. When a person wears anti-reflective lenses, you will not see the lenses.

Instead of seeing the lenses, you will see the person’s eyes. You will not be able to tell that the person is wearing lenses. When you wear anti-reflective lenses, you will see better at all times of the day. It will not matter if you are using your computer, driving your car, or running, anti-reflective lenses will make a significant difference.

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