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High Index Sunglasses

High index sunglasses are a valuable commodity online and practically worth their weight in goal if you pay for them at the optometrist’s office.

What makes high index sunglasses so expensive? Are they worth the money? What lens color should I choose in my high index sunglasses?

There are many questions people wonder as they browse the thousands of choices available in prescription high index sunglasses online today.Do I Really Need to Get Ultra-Thin High Index Lenses?

Here are a few things to consider when ordering high index sunglasses:

  • High index sunglasses are generally more expensive in sport-style wraparound frames compared to regular flat frames, because high index lens material is expensive, and the lens is larger in a wrap frame.
  • High index sunglasses are often offered in polarized, transitions, and tinted (non-polarized) colors.
  • Polarized lenses are best for bright sunlight outside and driving. They are not good for operating electronics as polarized lenses interfere with many screens.
  • Tinted lenses are best for bright and overcast outdoor conditions, and for when use of electronics is required.
  • Transitions lenses are best for use outdoors in light and dark conditions. They do not get as dark as tinted or polarized lenses.
  • Many large sport frames may not be available as progressive or bifocal high index sunglasses.
  • High index sunglasses are more scratch resistant than polycarbonate, but they are more reflective. It is a good idea to get anti-reflective coating to reduce glare, especially if they’ll be used for work or driving.
  • Some strong prescriptions may only work in high index material, as a single-vision (non-bifocal) lens in wraparound frames. This is due to the complicated physics associated with prescription lenses and curved frames.

High index is one of the most expensive lens materials, and most places typically charge more for wraparound style prescription sunglasses, so if you are getting high index sunglasses you can expect to pay a premium.

Shop High Index Glasses

High index sunglasses pretty much have as many “bells and whistles” as are possible in prescription eye-wear, especially if you also get a mirror coating and a backside anti-reflective coating. However, if you have a strong prescription, high index may be the only material that will work for you in a wraparound, and if you’re using them for something like motorcycle riding, the curved frame is worth the price.

If you are still uncertain as to whether high index sunglasses are right for you, check out our other blog posts to learn more!

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