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Can I get Progressive Bifocals in High Index Lenses?

Today’s high index eye-wear is more than just a way to improve your vision; it’s a fashion statement. It’s no wonder, then, that most people choose progressive bifocals over traditional lined bifocals.

Many people with higher prescriptions often find themselves asking the question, “Can I get progressive bifocals in high index lenses?

With so many frame options available today, there is not a definitive yes or no answer to this question.

Several factors come into play when choosing progressive lenses in high index plastic:

  • You can get almost any type of progressive high index lenses in standard flat frames. Polarization, tinting, and anti-reflective coatings are just a few of the choices in high index progressives.
  • Progressive high index lenses in larger wraparound frames or big-lens style frames (such as Jackie-O style women’s frames) often have limits based on your pupil distance (PD), or the distance between your pupils. Larger PD’s tend to work in more lens styles, but you can expect that a lab that does digital processing can do your prescription in most frames.
  • Progressive lenses in wraparound style frames often don’t “feel” right at first and take some time to get accustomed to.
  • Progressive bifocals in high index plastic are going to cost more than progressives in another lens material.
  • If you are going to get progressive high index lenses, it’s a very good idea to order Anti-Reflective (AR) coating. High index tends to cause a lot of glare and reflection without AR coating.

Progressive bifocals in high index lens material are some of the highest quality lenses you can get. They are thin, offer high optical clarity, and look the best. If you are interested in learning more about high index lenses in general, take a look at some of the other blog posts we have on this page. Hopefully you can now answer the question, “Can I get progressive bifocals in high index lenses?”

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