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High Index Lenses with Anti Reflective Coating

Why do they recommend I get anti-reflective coating on my high index lenses?

Anti-Reflective Coating for High Index Lenses

High index lenses are more reflective than standard lens materials, making it more important to get anti-reflective coating than on non-high-index glasses.

If you’ve ever had high index lenses in the past, chances are you had anti reflective coating. This coating makes your lenses appear to reflect a greenish or purplish hue. Without anti-reflective coating, you would notice more “streaking” of light, such as when street lights appear to be shining beams out from their center, and more glare, where lights behind you reflect off of your lens and into your eyes. You would also notice that your lenses just don’t seem as clear. This is because light reflected off of the surface of your lenses never reaches your eyes.

If you’re looking for more information about high index lenses with anti reflective coating, here’s what you should know:

  • High index lenses have anti reflective coating put on them because they are so much more reflective than standard index lenses.
  • Not getting anti reflective coating on your high index lenses can lead to distracting and disorienting glare, light streaks, and clarity issues.
  • Anti reflective coating improves nighttime driving vision and your ability to see edges and distinguish objects from farther distances.
  • When your lenses have anti reflective coating, they will reflect light at a greenish or purplish color.
  • Because anti reflective coating cuts down on glare, it will improve your looks by reducing the amount of reflected light coming off of your lenses and obscuring your eyes from other people’s view.

Anti reflective coating is extremely important on a pair of high index lenses. The improvements in clarity and vision that come from it are enough that you are literally at risk of an accident or mishap without the coating.

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Other eye-wear does not always necessitate anti reflective coating, but high index lenses should never be ordered without it. If you have any questions about anti reflective coating on high index lenses or what types of lenses and coatings are right for you, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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