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High Index Glass Lenses 1.9

Looking for the thinnest lenses possible?

High Index Glass Lenses 1.9

High Index Glass Lenses 1.9High index glass lenses 1.9 are the thinnest lenses available on the market today. If you have a strong prescription and want the thinnest lenses you can get, these are the lenses for you.

1.90 high-index glass lenses aren’t for everyone. They only come in single-vision prescriptions (no progressives or bifocals), can only be inserted into smaller lens frames, and are easy to break because the glass is relatively brittle. They are more scratch-resistant than plastic lenses, though. And, if thinness is the most important factor for you, then you’ll likely be happy with high-index glass lenses 1.9

If you’re considering getting high index glass lenses 1.9, here’s what you should know:

  • High-index glass 1.9 lenses are the thinnest lenses on the market today.
  • People with very strong prescriptions should consider getting this material. If you have a mild or somewhat strong prescription, you’ll likely be better off with high-index plastic.
  • High index 1.90 glass is fragile and prone to cracking if dropped.
  • This material is also very reflective, so an anti-reflective coating is a must. Even with A/R, you’ll still have some glare, and this material causes some aberrations or blurring of colors in your peripheral vision.
  • High index glass lenses are only for people with strong prescriptions who want the thinnest possible lenses they can get.

If you’re a glasses wearer who has a strong prescription, high index glass lenses 1.9 are a good choice for you.

Shop High Index Glasses1.90 high index glass will also eliminate the “tiny eyes” or “bug eyes” distortion that strong prescription wearers get. As I said above, these lenses aren’t for everyone, but if thinness is your priority, then you should consider this material.

If you have any other questions about high-index glass lenses 1.9, whether they’re right for you, or how to get a pair, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks for reading!

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