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High Index 1.74 Lenses Offered at RX-Safety

Stronger prescriptions have an obvious drawback: they require lenses that are fairly thick and heavy. The effect of these lenses is just as obvious. Distortion of the face and enlargement of the eyes are a common byproduct, resulting in a “Coke Bottle” look. This problem was even worse when glass was the only material from which lenses could be made; the advent of plastic helped somewhat but could not completely eliminate the problem. Even in plastic, the amount of material required to cut a strong prescription makes the lens relatively thick and heavy, and can impart a “bug eye” appearance.

1.74 High Index Lenses at RX-Safety

If you wear such a prescription, 1.74 high index lenses may have a lot to offer you. 1.74 high index material is the thinnest and flattest available for prescription glasses. Standard plastic has an index rating of 1.50, and 1.74 high index material clocks in at almost half the thickness of those conventional plastic lenses. Even when compared to other high index material, such as the 1.67 high index lens, 1.74’s rate favorably, being about 13% thinner.

The benefits of this lighter, thinner material go beyond a mere reduction of the distorting effects of a high prescription. A 1.74 allows the high prescription-wearer unprecedented choice in style and fashion. Frames that you thought you’d never be able to wear, those with sleeker profiles or thinner styles, can now be yours with a 1.74 high index lens.

Shop High Index Glasses

No longer is there a need to settle for “nerdy” glasses, thick glasses, or a greatly reduced selection of frame styles. Visit RX-Safety to browse the wonderful array of frames in which 1.74 high index lenses can be fitted. Come see what you’ve been missing.

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