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Get Your 1.74 High-Index Progressive Transition Lenses In Time For Summer

Summer is almost here! Are you excited? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your current prescription glasses and if they will provide you with the protection you need this summer. This summer, in addition to working, you will probably want to enjoy a few other activities including trips to the beach, hiking, etc. Regardless of the activity you choose, the sun will be shining and you will need to make sure you can see everything clearly.

For centuries, people have been wearing various types of corrective eye-wear. However, over the course of the last few decades, we have seen a significant change in the types of eye-wear. We have also seen major changes in the capabilities of the various types of eyeglass lenses.

The technology we have today is making our lenses lighter, stronger, and thinner. The technology also improves your ability to adjust to the lenses quicker and better than people could many years ago. The various types of technologies all address a variety of different issues.

What Type Of Protection Do You Need?

Do you need to protect your eyes from the bright sunlight this summer? You can use transition lenses. Do you need to protect your eyes from the dangerous ultraviolet rays? You can request to have a UV coating placed on your lenses to block the rays? If you need to protect your eyes from glare, you can purchase polarized lenses. All of the issues you have regarding your vision can be addressed with the right pair of lenses and features.

High-index lenses are the perfect choice for those who want eyeglasses that are thinner and lighter, in addition to being comfortable and appealing. High-index lenses are a great choice if you have been given a strong prescription for astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. Regardless of how strong your prescription is, high-index lenses will make your eyeglasses feel more comfortable and look more attractive than your previous pair of eyeglasses.

Most people who wear eyeglasses are nearsighted, and this will generally result in them wearing corrective lenses that have thick edges around the lenses, but a thinner center. If your prescription is strong, this will generally mean you will see an increase in thickness around the edges. Many of today’s most popular and fashionable frames are made of rims that are either metal or plastic.

When you are looking for the perfect pair of eyeglasses, it is important that you think about compatibility. Some eyeglass features will not work for everyone and they will not work well with other features. Some features you may consider can also already be covered by features you already have. For instance, polycarbonate lenses can be used as an impact-resistant measure. Did you know that polycarbonate lenses can also be used to block UV rays? This means if your glasses will have polycarbonate lenses you will not need to add a UV coating.

If you have been thinking about purchasing high-index progressive lenses with the addition of a transition coating, you will have more than one choice on the table.

High-Index Lenses

High-index glass or plastic uses a composite to form the glasses, and this means your strong prescription can be formed without using a significant amount of material. When less material is used, this will result in lenses that are lighter and thinner. The higher your index goes, the more weight reduction you will have in your lenses.

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses contain molecules that move in reaction to ultraviolet light. This will result in your lenses becoming darker when sunlight hits your lenses, and your glasses will return to their clear form when there is no presence of sunlight. Transition lenses seem to be the most convenient option for many people because you will not have to purchase a pair of glasses for indoors and another pair of glasses for when you want to enjoy the outdoors.

Progressive Lenses

If you are suffering from the loss of flexibility in your eye’s lenses(also known as presbyopia), bifocals can provide you with magnification from a lower-lens area. Progressive lenses are equipped with a gradual transition, and you will not have to worry about the dividing line that you would have if you wore standard bifocals.

1.74 High-Index Progressive Transition Lenses

If you have been searching for 1.74 high-index progressive transition lenses, we understand how challenging your search may be. You are searching for a combination of two different options, and some things may be a little confusing to you. However, we understand why you are searching for such a combination. Transition lenses can automatically become dark as soon as they are in contact with sunlight. There are several advantages to having transition lenses, including the following:

  • You will have lenses that will offer you the perfect amount of light and shade when you need it
  • You will be able to save a significant amount of money by purchasing one pair of glasses that you can use indoors and outdoors
  • You will have lenses that will block 100 percent of the harmful rays of the sun. Summer is right around the corner, and you are going to need the proper protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • You will feel comfortable knowing that you will have glasses that will remain clear indoors or during nighttime
  • You will not have to worry about purchasing a pair of sunglasses that you can actually see through because your eyeglasses will also be your sunglasses

1.74 high-index progressive transition lenses can provide you with outstanding benefits, especially since you have been given a strong prescription. If you have been given a prescription that is supposed to correct serious visual problems, you will appreciate the fact that the curves that will be used in your glasses will not use as much material as other glasses. You will be able to have your visual deviations corrected without having to wear thick and bulky lenses.

Transition Prescription Lenses: A Perfect Match

1.74 high-index progressive transition lenses are perfect for the patients who can appreciate the value in eye-wear. These types of lenses will eliminate the need for you to purchase more than one pair of glasses. If you will spend a significant amount of your time this summer going from an indoor location to outdoors, you can do yourself a huge favor by having a pair of glasses that will work as your sunglasses and your regular eyeglasses. If you will participate in a sporting event and you need to wear your glasses, transition lenses will also be a great option for you.

With so many available prescription lenses, we understand why you may be getting overwhelmed with all the choices that have been laid out for you. It can be extremely difficult to figure out what type of lenses will work best with the prescription you have been given. You will also need to think about what lens option will work best for how you need to use them and how you intend to use them.

Will you wear your glasses every day? Do you think you will be bothered by lenses that are thick? Does the weight of a lens concern you? Will you be wearing your glasses when you are working or participating in recreational activities? Do you need lenses that will be impact-resistant and scratch-resistant?

These are just a few of the questions that you will need to answer before you make a final decision. You can always compare the various lens types and the frames you are considering. If you are leaning heavily toward 1.74 high-index progressive Transition lenses, we strongly encourage you to make sure you will get the official coating and that your lenses will be authentic.

Remember that the lenses you select for your eyeglasses will often determine how comfortable and how happy you are with your eye-wear. When buying any type of eyeglasses, the lenses you choose will have an impact on your appearance, your comfort, your safety, and your overall vision. We do not want you to regret your decision because you failed to spend enough time thinking about coatings, lens materials, and the design.

For the best results and the greatest satisfaction with your eyeglasses, we encourage you to ask your eye doctor questions about what eyeglass lenses, frames, and other features would he or she recommend to you based on your visual needs. You want to make sure you receive as much accurate information as possible before you make a final decision.

In order for you to receive the best value, it is important that you fully understand the features and the benefits of the lenses you ware considering. When you choose wisely and carefully, you will be able to enjoy the look and feel of your eye-wear, in addition to the ability to see everything clearly.

Are you ready to improve your vision this summer with high-index progressive transition lenses? After you make an appointment with your eye doctor, you should be ready to find the pair of glasses that will prepare and protect your eyes from the summer weather.

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