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10 Reasons to Buy 1.74 High Index Progressive Transition Lenses Online

Buying glasses can quickly become complex. Worse, you get led into a specific directions. Most eye doctors have a store attached, aiming to sell you eye-wear before you even leave the store.

The convenience is undoubtedly tempting. But that doesn’t mean it’s actually the right choice. Instead, you might actually be better off going a different route.

That different route, of course, is finding an alternative vendor. No matter how much you trust your eye doctor, the markup for glasses is significant. In a 2017 article titled The One Product You Should Buy Online, the Huffington Post explained just why buying online is actually a smarter and more budget-conscious decision:

Optometrists then have to finance their costly medical practices – office space rental, medical equipment, personnel – which adds to frame and lens prices. Online glasses vendors avoid these high markups and so can offer complete glasses for geometrically less than an optometrist or other physical eyewear store.

Of course, that’s just the start of the argument. In fact, you should consider finding your next pair of glasses online for a variety of reasons. That’s especially true if you consider 1,74 high index progressive transition lenses, in which case buying online is really no longer just optional. Here are 10 reasons it’s a must.

1) Lower Price

First things first: as mentioned in the quote above, buying glasses online is significantly less expensive. The reason, of course, is obvious: the overhead is much lower. Many eye doctors subsidize their practice, office space, and personnel costs with expensive frames and lenses. A quality online vendor needs much less to sustain and thrive.

The result is a price that, for the same exact product, can be up to 70% less. That means you get to either save your budget, or spend additional funds on frames and additions that you could not otherwise afford (more on that below). The lower price is perhaps the single most important advantage of buying your high index lenses online.

2) Greater Choice

Price matters, but choice is probably just as important for most eye-wear shoppers. The reason is simple: as much as they’re functional, your glasses become a fashion accessory. They are essentially part of your face, so you need to make sure that any frame fits exactly into your preferred style and look.

High index lenses are already built for that fact, considering that they are significantly thinner even at strong prescription than

their regular lens counterpart. In other words, you probably already know about the need for choice when it comes to your glasses.

Unfortunately, most physical eye doctors don’t have unlimited shelf space. That means you will always encounter a limited selection, which can hamper your shopping experience. Compare that with an online merchant that can offer as many products as it wants to appeal to all styles and preferences.

3) Potential Additions

You probably already know about the general benefits of high index lenses. The beauty of buying them online is that you can add a number of additional options that further improve their functionality and use.

The title of this article already mentions two of them: progressive lenses remove the problems with traditional bifocals, helping you see better both near and far regardless of your prescription. Meanwhile, transition lenses automatically become sunglasses once exposed to UV light during sunny days.

In isolation, each of these additions can be beneficial. Add them together, and the benefits become immense. And yet, when buying in-store, your options for additions might be limited. Buying online, on the other hand, allows you to completely customize your order to get the exact additions you want and need to see clearly in all conditions and lights.

4) Easy Returns Policies

Brick and mortar stores can be tough when it comes to return policies. Too often, the buyer beware mantra still applies, even with the most reliable and professional eye doctors. That’s because many of them don’t actually own the glasses they sell, but sell them on behalf of other partners who have little stake in customer satisfaction.

The same is not true for online vendors. They have a significant stake in making sure that you enjoy your purchase, because the majority of their revenue comes from their most loyal customers. As a result, they will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the right product for your needs.

Usually that includes a comprehensive returns policy. If anything about your new progressive transition lenses is not quite right, you will be able to return it easily and without questions asked. A comprehensive warranty usually accompanies that policy, increasing the reliability of all of your purchases.

5) Potential for Third-Party Proof

Returns policies and warranties can significantly increase the credibility of online vendors. The same, of course, is true for third-party proof. In a physical store, you have little way of knowing whether or not you are actually buying high-quality glasses from a trusted source. That’s because everyone you talk to is paid to get you to complete the sale.

Online merchants, on the other hand, focus on more than just their own words. They gather third-party testimonials, usually from customers just like you. As you pick out your 1.74 high index progressive transition lenses online, you can read the opinions of others who have made the exact same choice as you have. That added credibility comes in handy as you try to make the right choice.

6) Research on the Go

Space confinement is another disadvantage of buying your glasses in person. You have to make a decision before you leave the store, because coming back would be a hassle. Online, on the other hand, you’re free from that restriction. You can browse the right pairs of eye-wear, additions, and coatings on your own time.

As a result, you can perform significant research before you make your choice. That choice will be much more informed as a result. Most importantly, you’re not set back by time constraints as you find the perfect eye-wear for your needs.

7) No Pressure or Sales Pitch

Most sales people in the eye-wear industry work on commission. If you have ever bought a car, you know exactly what that means. Their biggest goal is to convince you to buy an extensive pair that increases their paycheck. The resulting pressure is uncomfortable at best, and annoying at worst.

Buying your high index progressive transition lenses online, you don’t have to worry about that problem. You face no pressure from anyone who tries to sell you a pair for their own benefit. Instead, you can find a more relaxed mindset that ultimately helps you make a better decision than you would otherwise make.

8) Secure Payments

The times of potential trouble when it came to entering your credit card information are long gone. Today, it might even be safer to buy from some online merchants than it is to do the same at brick and mortar store. That’s because the digital security is significant, enough to protect your personal information no matter what happens.

Of course, the lower price in itself will lead to more security for your money. But it goes beyond that, as well. Find the right online eye-wear website, and you can trust that your financial information is kept secure and encrypted, spending it only in the spaces where you absolutely want to.

9) Comparison Possibilities

Nobody buys eye-wear in isolation. Instead, we all compare the right pair to similar alternatives that may offer various style or functional benefits and disadvantages. That type of comparison, of course, can be difficult in a store. It’s much easier when buying online.

Imagine a split screen in which you see both options, with all of their specs included. Through a third window, you might even be able to do some external research on just what makes 1.74 high index lenses different from their 1.67 counterparts. These types of comparisons ultimately help you make a better decision, and find a better pair of glasses for your needs.

10) Follow Up on Your Terms

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of what happens after you buy eye-wear. In both cases, you will have to give the store your personal information. But we’re willing to bet that different things happen after that: brick and mortar store tend to frequently send you advertisements to come back. Meanwhile, online merchants allow you to come back on your own terms.

Sure, you might get the occasional follow up. But in most cases, you can reach out for a new pair or any questions you have on your own terms. Here, as in the other points above, the customer comes first, which ultimately results in a better buying experience at a lower cost.

The quality of glasses in both cases is identical. But thanks to more choice, lower cost, less pressure, and other factors, buying online tends to be your best option. So when you’re looking for a pair of 1.74 high index progressive transition lenses, look online first. Once you do, you may never go back to a more traditional store again.

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