OCT 31

Eight Benefits That High Index Lenses Have over Contacts

Many of the benefits of contacts are well-known, the most obvious being that you can correct your vision without the encumbrances of wearing glasses. With improvements in the styling and design of glasses, they aren’t the encumbrances they were in the past. This is especially true of high prescription glasses, which used to be limited to thick coke bottle lenses. The thick lenses not only distort your facial appearance but are very heavy. On the other hand, modern high index lenses are thin and lightweight. They are stylish when used with the right frame.

However, contacts are generally best when you’re doing physical activities that may damage or cause you to lose your glasses. This is especially true when engaged in rough and tumble activities requiring good vision. That being said, here are eight benefits that high index lenses have over contacts:

  • You can fall asleep with them on. If you like to read yourself to sleep while in bed or if you tend to drift off to sleep while lying down, your eyes won’t dry up as they would with contacts. Contacts require that you make a habit of removing them before going to bed at night. Leaving them on dries out the eyes.
  • They protect your eyes. If you’ve had hot grease spatter and land on your glasses or had hot steam from a cooking pan fog your glasses, then you’ll appreciate this fringe benefit. They also offer some protection from wind and dust.
  • They’re easy to put on and take off. You don’t have to worry about touching and possibly injuring or infecting your eyes with your fingers as you would with contacts. Contacts require proper technique when putting them on or taking them off. Good eye-hand coordination is necessary.
  • There is no risk of eye infection. Putting on high index glasses doesn’t require touching your eyes. This isn’t the case with contacts. They and their cases require regular cleaning and disinfection. You must have clean hands when touching your contacts. This routine must become a habit. Unlike brushing your teeth, it doesn’t require months of neglect before problems set in.
  • They are low maintenance. That is, in comparison to contacts. If you’re a relaxed person not given to rigid daily routines, high index glasses are the way to go. In the case of contacts, rigid routine is mandatory because bacterial infection is not to be trifled with.
  • They make you attractive in several senses of the word. The stylish glasses possible with the thin and lightweight design of high index lenses make you look sharp and intelligent. Stylishness and intelligence are attractive not only in the world of dating but in the professional world as well. They make you attractive to your boss as an employee, and attractive to a client as a consultant. Impressions matter in a professional or business environment, and the right pair of high index glasses and clothing give you an advantage when you want others to take you seriously. The dignified and intelligent look is always a plus.
  • They project your personality. The right high index glasses can make you appear knowledgeable, successful, artsy, creative, outgoing, philosophical, or fashionable. They are an extension of your personality.
  • They are generally less expensive in the long-term. High index glasses will save money in the long-term because they generally require less replacement than contacts. They also don’t require special cleaning and disinfection solutions as do contacts. These tend to be pricey and their costs add up over time.

As you can see, there are many strong arguments in favor of high index glasses. Make your decision based on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and inclinations. In addition, you can go both ways. You might buy disposable contacts for use when playing hockey or football, while otherwise foregoing their negatives with high index glasses. If you have questions about selecting the right lenses for your needs, contact us at RX-Safety.

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