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3 Benefits of Using 1.74 High Index Lenses

People that need highly corrective lenses to remedy their bad vision, will benefit the most from using 1.74 high index lenses. These are the highest corrective lenses most people with bad vision will ever need. Advances in optics has made it possible for people suffering from bad vision to avoid bulky and thick eyeglasses, and even find stylish solutions. Let’s explore these solutions by looking at 3 benefits of using 1.74 high index lenses.

Thin and Lightweight

This is the main benefit of using high index lenses, either 1.67 or 1.74, because in the past highly corrective lenses meant wearing huge, bulky lenses. High index lenses, on the other hand, are basically as thin as a pair of sunglasses, yet give the same amount of correction as their bulky predecessors.

The advanced plastic and glass materials, which 1.74 high index lenses are made from, are denser than before, therefor, are able to bend more light with less lens material. This means optic advances has made it possible for people with bad vision to get the correction they need, without having to wear huge bulky lenses that are uncomfortable and look strange.

Now, in 2016, people can wear 1.74 high index lenses without anyone else even knowing they have bad vision. When people look into their eyes to talk with them, large bug eyes won’t be staring back at them. Indeed, 1.74 high index lenses make it possible, for people with heavy correction needs, to be comfortable and look good when wearing their prescription eyeglasses.

More Frame Options

When getting highly correcting lenses, it used to mean people would have a limited selection of frames to choose from. This was because of the weight and bulkiness of the lenses. The frames had to be heavy-duty, in order to support the lenses, which meant people had limited frame options to choose from.

Thankfully, this has changed over the years because of the thin and lightweight design of 1.74 high index lenses. Now, people have their choice of what frames they want to put their high index lenses into. This means wearing highly corrective lenses doesn’t mean having to wear bulky frames that don’t fit your personality.

One of the main benefits of 1.74 high index lenses is having more frame options. This advancement in optics, now allows people with bad vision to look good and wear their eyeglasses with comfort. The thin and lightweight 1.74 high index lenses can be fit into almost any frame chosen.

Work as Sunglasses

Wearing highly corrective prescription eyeglasses used to mean placing sunglasses inserts over them when driving or outside in the sun. The thick and bulky lenses would actually become thicker with the inserts over them, making driving and enjoying outdoors harder.

The good news is with 1.74 high index lenses, people can simply have them coated with tinted UV protection. Basically, this means their prescription eyeglasses are also a great pair of sunglasses. Now, with 1.74 high index sunglasses on, people won’t have to modify their eyeglasses with inserts or switch them to a pair of sunglasses (without the needed correction). This makes getting around in the sun a pleasurable experience, instead of a cumbersome one.


Advances in optics have, thankfully, brought us 1.74 high index lenses, for those who have a need for heavy correctional prescription lenses. The thin and lightweight design is now possible with the denser materials used. This means people get the same correction without the thick, bulky lenses.

These advances in optics means people can choose whatever frames they desire, move around comfortably in the sun, wear more comfortable prescription eyeglasses, and look good wearing eyeglasses that fit their personality.

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