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Can I Get My Eyeglass Lenses Thinner?

Looking to get rid of your unattractive, thick lenses?

Can I Get My Eyeglass Lenses Thinner?

Can I Get My Eyeglass Lenses ThinnerEyeglass lenses can get pretty thick if you have a strong prescription, and nobody wants to be walking around with coke bottle lenses. The good news about thick lenses is that you can get your eyeglass lenses thinner.

High index lens material has a high “refractive index,” meaning the same prescription can be made thinner with this material. The higher your “index,” the thinner your lenses will be. So if you want thin, attractive, lightweight lenses with minimal distortion that makes your eyes look bigger or smaller, high index lens material is a great choice for you.

If you’re asking the question, “Can I Get My Eyeglass Lenses Thinner?” here’s why you should be considering high index lenses:

  • High index lenses are thinner than regular lenses, making your prescription glasses appear to have a weaker prescription and also reducing the clunky, bulky look that glasses with strong prescriptions tend to have.
  • High index lenses also make your glasses lighter on your face, making them more comfortable to wear.
  • The thinner your lenses are, the less your eyes will be distorted. Say goodbye to having “bug eyes” or having your glasses make your eyes look smaller than they are!
  • High index lenses come in a variety of indexes including 1.67, 1.70, and 1.74 in plastic, and 1.80 and 1.90 in glass.
  • High index plastic 1.70 and 1.74 are the most popular high index lens materials because of their cost, light weight, durability, attractiveness, thinness, light weight, and availability in colors and prescription types.
  • If you’re looking to make your lenses thinner, you may also want to consider getting a frame with smaller lenses when you order high index, as this will reduce your lens thickness. Also, plastic frames with full rims tend to mask the thickness of your lenses in profile.

High index lenses are the perfect solution for anyone looking to get their eyeglass lenses thinner.

Shop High Index Glasses

If you’re a prescription glasses wearer, and you’re tired of wearing clunky, thick lenses, take a look at high index lenses. There’s a reason most people never go back after getting their first pair in high index… they’re great!

If you have any questions about high index lens material, which index is best for your prescription, or anything else related to high index, browse around our other posts or leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your questions or feedback. Happy shopping!

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