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Aspheric High Index Lenses

Most high index lenses are aspheric, but what is an aspheric high index lens?

Aspheric high index lenses have a complex front curvature that changes as you move across the lens, allowing the lens to be thinner and the glasses to look more attractive. Aspheric lenses are the opposite of spheric lenses, which are more traditional and follow a steady curvature across the whole lens front, like a ball. Here are some of the reasons that aspheric high index lenses are good:

  1. They are thinner. Aspheric high index lenses make your lenses more attractive by giving them a slimmer profile.
  2. They are lighter. The thinner lens means less lens material, creating a lighter and more comfortable pair of glasses.
  3. They make you look better. Thinner lenses means less eye distortion, so the “bug eye” or “tiny eyes” look is less pronounced or removed entirely.
  4. They are much more common in high index than spherical lenses. It is very difficult to find spheric high index lenses because there is little reason for them to be made. Aspheric lenses are better.
  5. Because aspheric high index lenses are so thin and dense, they tend to reflect more than traditional lenses, so it is a good idea to have anti-reflective coating applied to them.

Aspheric lenses are not common in lens materials other than high index plastic, but they can be found. In general, you can expect that, when you order high index plastic lenses for your prescription glasses, you’re getting aspheric high index plastic lenses. They are just another of the countless amazing feats that ophthalmic science has come out with in recent years. If you are interested in more qualities of high index plastic lenses, take a look at some of the other posts on this blog, and thanks for reading!

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