DEC 03

1.67 High Index Polarized Lenses

So you wear strong prescription glasses and you’re tired of how thick they are.

Polarized 1.67 High Index Lenses

1.67 High Index Polarized LensesWorse, when you go outdoors, switching between those clunky glasses and your sunglasses is tedious. And once you’ve got your sunglasses on, your vision is no longer corrected. Isn’t there any solution? Actually, there is, and it just might be a pair of 1.67 High Index Polarized Lenses.

High index lenses are made from a special composite material that allows them to be much thinner and lighter than regular glasses. 1.67 high index is the most common and least expensive high index material available. They fit a wide variety of frames and are available in the most colors and with the most coatings.

One of those options is polarized lenses. A polarized coating effectively eliminates blinding glare by blocking incoming horizontal light rays. Polarized lenses also improve contrast and visual acuity.

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Unless you wear an extremely high prescription (stronger than +/- 10.00), 1.67 high index polarized lenses may be just what you’ve been looking for!

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