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Why Do I Need High Index Lenses?

It’s a scenario that plays out every day – a patient undergoes an eye exam, after which an optometrist begins the discussion of lens and frame options. Eventually the optometrist will offer high index lenses as an alternative to standard material lenses, and the patient will ask the inevitable question:

Why Do I Need High Index Lenses?

Why Do I Need High Index LensesIn truth, you don’t “need” high index lenses any more than need other eye-wear options such as tints and coatings. If you’re comfortable with the price, look, and feel of lenses made from conventional plastic or glass, there’s no reason why you should opt for them. High index lenses will not improve your vision any more than standard lenses can.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you’re being “upsold” a product by an unscrupulous salesperson who’s out to get as much money from you as possible. The reality is that high index lenses have benefits that can make them very attractive to prescription eye-wear consumers, and the goal of the optometrist is usually only to supply you with information and the full range of options so that you can best decide what frame and lens combinations are right for you.

High index lenses are especially beneficial to anyone with a relatively strong prescription. The high index material will produce a lens that is considerably lighter and thinner than standard material. It can reduce or eliminate the “Coke bottle” or “tiny eyes” distortion that thick lenses produce and increase your selection in frame wear; certain styles, such as thinner metal frames or rimless frames, are a “no-no” if lenses are too thick to fit them.

As with any other choice, high index lenses have disadvantages as well as advantages. They’re more reflective, in some cases more brittle, and of course, there’s price to consider; high index lenses do cost more than standard material lenses.

Shop High Index GlassesSo the choice is completely up to you. We recommend you listen to that optometrist as they list the pros and cons of various lens materials, and ask any questions you may have, because they can be a valuable resource, and your best bet in making a smart purchase is to be an informed consumer. If you feel pressure to purchase, take some time to think about it and perhaps do some research on your own. Your ultimate goal is to buy the best eye-wear – for you – at the best price.

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