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Why Are My Lenses So Thick?

Thick lenses getting you down? There’s a solution for that.

My Lenses are So Thick!

Anybody who’s been wearing prescription glasses for a long time can attest: your lenses get thicker as your prescription gets stronger. If you’re asking, “Why are my lenses so thick?” you’re probably really wondering, “What can I do to get thinner lenses?”

Thick lenses plague high prescription wearers and always have. Nobody wants to have the “coke bottle lenses” look, and it can get uncomfortable and inconvenient to walk around with thick lenses on your face all day.

High index lenses are capable of reducing lens thickness, often by more than half, to bring your glasses back into the realm of normalcy.

If you’re interested in getting thin lenses, and if you’ve been asking yourself, “Why are my lenses so thick?” here’s what you should know:

  • High index lenses are available in a variety of refractive indexes which give you options for what thickness, lens type, and color you want your lenses to be.
  • “Refractive index” is how efficiently a lens bends light. The higher your refractive index, the thinner your lens can be with the same prescription.
  • People shopping for thin lenses and lighter glasses should consider getting high index lenses. Most high index lenses are at least above 1.60 index, and some get as high as 1.80 (standard plastic is more like 1.40).
  • High index plastic is the most popular thin lens material. It is lightweight, reasonably scratch resistant, thin, and attractive. High index 1.70 is very popular for those with clear lenses, and high index 1.74 is most popular for those seeking Transitions.
  • If you’re looking for the thinnest lenses possible, you should go with high index glass. These are the lenses that can reach 1.80 or even 1.90 index. They will be the thinnest and the most attractive-looking, but keep in mind that if weight and distortion are also an issue for you, you’ll be better off with high index plastic.

Why are your lenses so thick? Because you don’t have high index! Only high index lenses can make a strong prescription look as thin and attractive as a normal prescription.

Shop High Index Glasses

It’s no question that lens thickness is the bane of high prescription wearers. You don’t have to suffer with crazy looking glasses anymore! If you’re a high prescription wearer, take a look at high index lenses. They are affordable online, and you can go back to the way you looked when your prescription wasn’t as strong.

If you have questions about high index lenses or which ones are right for you, you can leave a comment below or check out some of our other blog posts about high index lenses. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

  1. Andy says:

    I just got my new glasses which are glass lenses and they look like coke bottle lenses. The prescription went from 2.25 to 2.50.

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