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9 Tips to Find Your High Index Eyeglasses (After Putting Them Down Somewhere)

Getting a new pair of high index eyeglasses is always something to be excited about. The thin, unusually clear lenses give you the opportunity to see the world with a clarity most classes wearers are unused to and often we manage to achieve that perfect situation where you forget you’re even wearing glasses. Unfortunately, as easy and enjoyable as it is to wear high index eyeglasses, we all must set our spectacles down eventually. To sleep, to shower, to clean them, to change glasses, or to snuggle something that doesn’t want to be stabbed by the corners of your glasses. We take our glasses off for a number of reasons, but finding them again after misplacing them? That’s a whole other story.

The good news is that you’re not alone and others have been trying to solve this problem for centuries. Here are 10 tips from the collective bespectacled community for how to find a pair of glasses when you’re sure they should be right there (but aren’t).

1) Look With Your Phone’s Eyes

As we all know, the glasses hunt is always worst for the myopic (near-sighted) because of the unnaturally short view distance. However, while you can’t focus on the room at large, you can focus on the screen of your phone or tablet which has a camera that can focus on the room and each individual detail. Rather than feeling your way around, try using your phone as a set of working eyes to make up for the fact that your corrective lenses are what’s missing. If the phone catches a glint or shows them hiding their distinctive lines in a pile of other items, you’re in luck!

2) Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

By far one of the coolest innovations in glasses location technology is straight out of the early 90’s. Remember when absolutely everything from keychains to calculators was ‘glow-in-the-dark’? This was the era of those awesome little sticky stars for your room and weird little glowing plastic figurines with every kid’s meal. Well, now there’s glow in the dark paint that you can put on your own stuff. Paint a little on your glasses, the earpiece ends are a good choice, and doodle freely on your glasses case as well. Then, when you can’t find your ‘specs, simply turn out the lights! That distinctive green glow should lead you straight to the glasses. Just be careful not to mislead yourself by painting all your items with the glow.

3) Shower Caddy

Taking a shower is one of the premier times where wearing your glasses would be useless even if it weren’t completely impractical. Between the water, steam, and need to wash your face, your glasses usually end up on the counter, in the cabinet, or was it stashed in the drawer instead? If you can never remember where you set your eyeglasses down while disrobing, there is a simple and easy solution: get a caddy for them. A well-organized bathroom often features several little caddies. One to hang your toothbrush, another to hold your soap and loofa, maybe even a third for shampoo shelves. Simply buy or designate an existing caddy slot to hold your glasses and put them there every single time. No more feeling around in the steam hoping you don’t knock them onto the hard tile floor by accident.

4) Special Car Compartment

When talking about the glasses hunt, let’s never forget that many people can keep track of their normal ‘specs but the prescription sunglasses wind up all over the place. In your bag, in your pocket, left on the counter at home… problems. Especially when you need them most for driving and they’re not there. Once again, the answer is a designated spot but please, please, please do not simply leave them on the dash. A hot dashboard can melt the plastic components of almost any pair of glasses. Instead, keep them in a special car compartment. Some cars have a hidden sunglasses pocket but you can make one if yours doesn’t. Always keep them in the same place in your car, out of the sun.

5) Glasses are Not a Hairband

Are you the kind of person who occasionally put your glasses on top of your head to ‘dock’ them nearby? We’ve all done this at some point in our lives and it’s especially common for farsighted people who often have to calculate whether something is better seen with their natural long focus distance or needs to be viewed a little closer up with the help of glasses. However, this is also one of the most cliche ways to lose track of your glasses in recorded history. If you can’t find your glasses, always make sure to simply touch the top of your head, just in case you forgot they were there in your panic to find them.

6) The Secretary Chain

If taking on and putting on your glasses is something you do all the time, like a secretary’s reading glasses, then you might find some value in one of those totally classy glasses chains. Much like the lanyards and cinches that many people give children, but for adults who like elegant metals instead, the chain fastens to the end of each earpiece and hangs comfortably around the back of your neck. Then, if you need to take your glasses off, they can hang safely at your chest until they’re needed again. No need to set them down at all.

7) Designated Spots

How often do you take your glasses off at home or work? And perhaps more importantly, how often do you lose them afterward? In every room where your glasses might be removed, have a designated spot where they always go. While everyone gets distracted and slips up eventually, having a ritual that helps you put your glasses down and then locate them in the same places every time will definitely reduce the number of times you actually lose your new high index eyeglasses.

8) Carefully Extend Search Radius

Okay, so the phone trick and the glow trick didn’t work. The glasses aren’t on top of your head, stashed in the car, or in one of your designated spots. now it’s time to start looking with your phone and hands in combination in a radius around where you last had the ‘specs. Slowly and carefully (so as not to accidentally crush or fling them), take the room apart in a radius around where you last saw the glasses, stacking things neatly behind you. Don’t forget to check under and around, as they might have simply fallen to the floor in an unexpected place.

9) Enlist Help

Finally, if all else fails, it’s time to find someone who has eyes that work or at least is still wearing their corrective lenses. When your glasses can’t be found through normal, conventional, and even creative independent means, you may need one or more people to pitch in and help you thoroughly search your home, car, or work area to find the missing glasses.

If you’ve recently misplaced your glasses or your house seems to be infested with gnomes that hide them on a regular basis, don’t worry. These things always turn up eventually and soon enough you’ll be enjoying the high-index lifestyle all over again, having missed them for a few minutes during the search. We really do recommend the glow in the dark paint, though. Just because it’s cool if for no other reason.

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