AUG 05

Thin lenses for high prescriptions

Having a high prescription myself I often find that if I do not have the right lenses in my glasses it can make it look like I have bug eyes.

Thin lenses for high prescriptions

Thin lenses for high prescriptionsThere are different lenses out there for high prescriptions that can also be thin in your glasses.  The 1.74 high index is the thinnest high index lens in plastic. It has a medium distortion rate but is incredibly thin and light. It is extremely scratch resistant, and at the thinnest profile of any high index plastic, it is the most attractive. It is also available in more color and prescription options than many other high index lens materials. This is also the most effective plastic lens material at getting rid of the “bug eyes” and “tiny eyes” looks that strong prescription wearers face.

Shop High Index GlassesRemember that when you choose the right pair of glasses you also must pick the right pair of lenses that accommodates your prescription and lifestyle.

Stay fabulous!

Jessica xo

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