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Start the New School Year Off Right With High-Index Eyeglasses

Right now, you are probably busy enjoying the warm weather and freedom offered by summer. However, no matter how much you enjoy the wonderful things the summer season brings, they do eventually have to come to an end. Before you know it, it will be time to close out the summer and begin a new chapter of life with a brand-new school year. 

While this fact is hugely disappointing to the vast majority of students, there are plenty of things that make the new school year exciting even for the most disappointed individuals. One of the best parts about beginning a new year is the new wardrobe it so often brings with it. Spiffy new shoes, good-looking pants, and soft, comfortable new shirts and underwear all give students the confidence to jump into their new classroom without hesitation with the most comfortable outfits possible.

Unfortunately, eyeglasses aren’t always replaced along with a wardrobe. This means a great many students—from elementary school kids to young adults attending college—will begin the new year wearing the same glasses they wore the year before (and maybe the year before that). While you might not see anything wrong with this fact, you might be surprised to learn just how beneficial a new pair of glasses can be to a nervous student walking into new experiences.

What’s more, the very most beneficial type of eye-wear a parent (or other guardian) can purchase for these young scholars is a pair of glasses with high-index lenses. Despite the slightly higher price tag these lenses carry, they offer a whole host of benefits that will help your favorite student quickly adapt and begin blooming in the new school year.

What are these benefits? Read on to learn just how high-index eyeglasses can positively impact your scholar’s learning experience this year.

Improved Vision

The most obvious and important benefit of purchasing a new pair of glasses is, of course, improved vision. By making an appointment with the optometrist and having your student’s eyes checked just before the school year begins, you can ensure their prescription is as up-to-date as possible, meaning their vision is as strong as it can be.

Unfortunately for those who have particularly poor vision, this updated prescription often means thicker lenses and a heavier set of eyeglasses, something that comes with a whole host of negative side effects. However, by choosing high-index lenses, the scholar with a strong prescription will no longer need to worry about how heavy their glasses are going to feel.

More Fashionable

Another issue for those young people who need a stronger-than-average prescription is fashion. Traditional lenses for these individuals tend to be thick and heavy and usually end up giving the wearer a “bug-eyed” look that is anything but attractive. Of course, this look is one that quickly leads to bullying, something that most commonly takes place at school and can lead to poor focus, falling grades, and even depression.

Fortunately, this situation can be remedied by finding a pair of high-index eyeglasses for your young scholar to wear. High-index lenses offer correction that is the same as—if not better than—the correction offered by traditional lenses, but without all the bulk. Therefore, by outfitting a student with high-index lenses on the first day of school, you can set him or her up for social success and a year that is more likely to be free from bullying and teasing.

Stylish Choices

In addition to offering a sleeker, more fashionable look, high-index lenses also offer eyeglass wearers more choices when it comes to frames.

You see, traditional lenses become more and more weighty the stronger a prescription becomes. Heavy lenses need heavy-duty frames in order to ensure the glasses fit properly and that the frames remain intact. This means that those individuals with unusually strong prescriptions are left with only the bulkiest frames to choose from. Often, these are not exactly the most stylish options on the market, and many people do not look good wearing bulky frames (or in some cases, they don’t feel they look good, which is just as important to consider).

Because high-index lenses are much lighter and thinner that traditional lenses, they can be put into virtually any frame, opening up a whole world of options to those with very poor vision. This can be life-changing for the young person who is concerned with his or her looks and wishes to simply fit in and avoid being teased at school.

Fewer Headaches

Glasses that don’t offer the proper correction will soon lead to problems such as further-diminished vision and daily headaches. Additionally, glasses that are heavy and uncomfortable on the bridge of the nose or over the ears can also be headache-inducing. Considering the fact that headaches make focusing in class incredibly difficult and can even lead to missed class time, it only make sense to nip this issue in the bud as soon as you can.

How can you do this? With high-index eyeglasses, of course! Because these glasses offer such incredible vision correction, and because they are much lighter than their traditional-lens counterparts, high-index lenses have the potential to reduce or even eliminate headaches during the school day altogether. This in turn leads to more-productive classroom time, improved grades, and better retention of new material, among other things.What are the advantages of high index 1.67 lenses

Increased Concentration

The cumulative effect of all these benefits together results in the best benefit of all: improved concentration. Improved concentration is very noticeable in a student’s grades—as well as their ability to stay on top of their schoolwork—and can make an enormous difference in their education as a whole.

Why is a person’s concentration so much better when an updated prescription is obtained and new, high-index glasses are purchased? Well, for starters, the ability to properly see what is written on the board makes classes easier to follow and understand. Feeling confident in oneself is also hugely beneficial, as it means less worrying about what others think and more worrying about what they should be doing in school. Finally, the lack of headaches and uncomfortable sore spots where their glasses are resting is obviously going to make concentrating and completing tasks a far more pleasant experience.

As you can see, by investing in an updated prescription and a pair of high-index lenses for your student, you can help ensure they have a successful educational experience this year.

Of course, if you want the glasses to be ready to go by the start of the new school year, you will need to make plans right away. So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with your eye doctor right away so you can order the perfect pair of high-index eyeglasses as soon as possible.

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