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Six Reasons for Using High Index Lenses

Technically speaking, high index lenses are made from materials with a higher refractive index than commonly used lens materials such as standard glass or CR-39 plastic. A high refractive index means the lens material bends light more than a lens with a low refractive index. Therefore, less lens material is required to do the same job. This results in a thinner and lighter lens. Advanced lens cutting techniques are also used to further reduce the lens thickness.

What does this mean in terms of how high index lenses impact you personally? This is best answered by considering why people wear them. Here are six reasons:

Career Advancement

In some professions, glasses with thick lenses that distort the eyes have little impact on career advancement. Research, academia, and lab work might be three of these. On the other hand, thick lenses may be a detriment in professions involving lots of personal interaction. This isn’t to say you can’t work in them, just that you could be advancing much faster without the thick lenses distorting your face and eyes. They can certainly hinder your interviewing efforts with new companies. You’re an unknown to the interviewers, and they must base their hiring decision in part on their impressions of you.

Thick glasses make you seem less of a people person and there may be negative stereotyping working against you. Energy, confidence, competence, and a positive outlook may allow you to overcome this hindrance. However, it’s so much easier not to have the problem weighing you down in the first place.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Unlike high index lenses, thick lenses place a lot of weight on the nose. This can produce painful indentations. Quick head movements may cause the eye-wear to slide down the nose, which requires constant readjustment on your part. This discomfort and inconvenience is distracting, and diminishes your work, home, and social life.

Attractiveness and Charisma

Thick lenses and the frames used with them do little to bring out your innate good looks. High index lenses don’t distort your eyes and will fit on frame styles better suited for your features. Just as well-chosen clothing enhances attractiveness, so does a frame style and color that flatters your eye color, skin tone, hair, clothing, or even your personality. This is a definite plus if you’re getting back into the dating scene.

Outdoorsy and Active

If you run, walk, hike, workout, or engage in any other active pastime, high index lenses won’t get in the way. Physical movement won’t cause them to slide down the nose or fall off. You can select frames for them that are specialized to your activity. High index lenses fit on many sports eye-wear frames.

Relief from Eye Contacts

Avoiding contact lens related eye problems requires lots of diligence on your part. They require a regular routine of careful cleaning. They require that you avoid sleeping with them on. They require that you limit their use to about eight hours each day. They require that you not wear them in dusty environments. They require nimble finger dexterity when putting them on and removing them.

What do the last five sentences have in common? Answer: the words “they require.” That pretty much sums up their use. Using eye-wear with high index lenses is a more carefree and risk-free experience.

Happy Children

Social acceptance is important for everyone. However, the need for peer acceptance is especially acute in both middle school and high school. Children at this age want to look good and even trendy. Eye-wear with thick lenses simply don’t fit the bill. High prescription lenses allow you to give them the frame styles they want.

It is amazing how a simple optical property such as “high refractive index” can affect people’s lives in so many ways. If you require help with selecting the right lenses for your needs, contact us at High Index Lenses.

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