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Places to Buy High Index Lenses Online

You are sure to find the best price for high index lenses if you shop online. When you shop online you aren’t paying a higher price that a brick and mortar business needs to charge to make a profit. The online stores don’t have to pay monthly rent and they can reduce the need for employees to be present at all times to make sales.

Buying glasses online has become more and more popular, and nowadays there are so many options that it can be a headache trying to decide which store to go with. If you’re asking yourself “Where should I buy high index eyeglasses?” then this article is for you.

1 Place to Buy High Index Lenses Online

We’ve reviewed hundreds of eyeglasses stores online offering high index lenses and we chose these three based on a variety of parameters such as price, customer service, delivery time, prescription quality, frame style selection, lens style selection, and years in business. After much time spent reviewing all of the options out there (including ordering glasses ourselves from many stores to give them a try), here is the main one we decided are the best overall:

    • Rx-Safety: This site came in at number one for every reason in the book. We found their customer service to be very helpful and easy to talk to, their delivery times were exceptional, the glasses looked great, the prescription was perfect, and their prices were some of the lowest out there. The only improvement we’d like to see from them in the future is more brand-name frames, though we did notice that they had some pretty comparable replacements for a lot of the branded styles we were looking for. This is probably a big way they get the price so low. Take a look!

No, they don’t just do safety glasses. The reason we chose Rx-Safety as number two is because of their skills with wraparounds. No other site that we found has the experience, expertise, and equipment for wrap style frames as Rx-Safety does. While they don’t have the best selection of flat frames, Rx-Safety is probably the best choice if you’re looking for wraparound-style prescription sunglasses. Best of all, most of their glasses are safety rated, so your cool sunglasses will also protect your eyes if you’re ever caught in a freak accident! Probably our favorite about this store was the fact that, when we called, the customer service agent was able to guide us to a frame that fulfilled all of our requirements. Quick delivery, too.

Our main goal is to provide information about high index lenses, where to buy them, what they are, and why to get them, but our staff thought it necessary to take a little time to do some research for you. This is because we realized that many people, after learning all the great things about high index on our blog, are probably encountering a brand new dilemma as they try to compare the hundreds of prescription eye-wear stores online. Hopefully this guide will help you in your shopping! If you have more questions about high index lenses, take a look at some of our other articles!

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