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Losing Your High Index Eyeglasses Is Not an Option: 5 Loss Prevention Tips

There are a number of things you never want to lose such as your wallet, purse, or your only keys to your car or house. If you wear a pair of high index eyeglasses, then you can add that to the list. High index lenses are technological marvels. While both thin and light, they can handle prescription levels that require thick and heavy lenses made from standard materials.

This is why they cost more and why you don’t want to lose them. If you lose them around the house, they eventually turn up, but not always. Another problem is the annoyance factor of searching for them and wasting time. However, there are ways of quickly finding them and of never losing them in the first place:

Keep Your Glasses out of Your Shirt Pocket

The shirt pocket is a convenient place to quickly squirrel away your high index eyeglasses when you need to temporarily remove them. When bending over to pick something up or tie a shoe, your eyeglasses will drop out. If you’re lucky, you will see it fall, and its landing won’t scratch a lens. If you aren’t, you’ll continue on your way without realizing your loss. Trouser pockets are more secure, but are more likely to damage your glasses.

Use a Glasses Neck Cord

Unless you intend to do cartwheels, a neck cord is foolproof. This simple remedy means you never have to set your high index eyeglasses down anywhere. If your lifestyle or job requires their frequent removal, this is your best solution. The downside of neck cords is they aren’t exactly the epitome of style.

Reserve Specific Places for Your Glasses

Always place your glasses in one location only, for each room of your house. This will require some discipline at first until habit finally takes over. Alternatively, reserve only one place for your high index eyeglasses in your entire home. This will likely be in your bedroom. It’s easier to develop a habit this way, but will be less convenient. Note that using a single room is impractical for a large house. You can do the same thing at work.

This method is limited in that it doesn’t apply to places you don’t frequently visit. In addition, unusual circumstances may distract you into setting your glasses down in a different place. When this happens, people often fail to note where they placed their glasses.

Keep Your Glasses in a Bright Case

When you aren’t wearing them, always keep your eyeglasses in a case. This prevents their damage. Because of its large size, a case is more difficult to lose. In addition, a brightly colored case is easier to spot. Remember not to place the case in your shirt pocket. If you normally carry a briefcase (at work), or a backpack (as a student), or a purse, you have a convenient place for carrying your glasses case.

Use Technology

If you’ve ever searched for your car in a parking lot by continually activating and deactivating its alarm, you can do a similar thing to home in on your high index eyeglasses. There are smart phone apps that connect via Bluetooth to a small beeper that clips to the temples of your glasses. If you lose your glasses, activate the beeper via your smart phone and listen for the beeps. As long as you’re within the range of the beeper, the method can’t fail.

Of course, you can avoid losing your high index eyeglasses by always being mindful of exactly where you place them, and remembering to pick them up before leaving the area. Unless this comes naturally to you, you’d best use some of the above suggestions. If you have questions about caring for your high index glasses, or want answers about selecting the right glasses for your particular needs, please contact us.

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