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Lens Coatings and Popular Recent Frames for High Index Eyeglasses

Lens Coatings and Popular Recent Frames for High Index Eyeglasses

High index lenses have been making it possible for people who need heavy correctional lenses, to have thinner and lighter weight prescription eyeglasses. This is a welcome development when it comes to prescription eyeglasses, because thick, unsightly prescription eyeglasses were never much in style. This article will inform you about lens coatings that can come with high index eyeglasses, and highlight some recent popular frame styles to consider.

Lens Coatings

High index lenses are made from plastic and offer great ultraviolet resistance, but can be prone to scratches easier than glass lenses. There are common treatments that can be either extra or stock coatings, depending on the eyeglasses you buy. Here’s a list and some information about these:

    • Anti-Reflective: generally, this coating is included with high index lenses. This coating is good to prevent smudging and fogging, and will help when driving, when wearing at night, and looking at computer screens.
    • Anti-Scratch: another coating that’s commonly included on plastic lenses. Make sure this coating is included, and also see how long the warranty is for replacing lenses that get scratched.
    • Ultraviolet Protection: high index lenses are great for ultraviolet protection, so this coating is already on them. It would be a good idea to check the quality and rating of the coating. This coating protects the eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun, making them safer and easier to see through on sunny days.
    • Photochromic: this is an extra coating you may need to ask to be applied. This coating darkens in sunlight, shielding your eyes from UV rays. Basically, this coating replaces the need for sunglasses or inserts.
    • Blue-Light-Blocking: this coating is useful to protect your eyes from the LED light coming from computer screens. It’s supposed to smooth your eyes with a yellow or orange tint from the blue light coming from computer screens.

When choosing a pair of high index eyeglasses, consider what coatings are already applied and which ones are available. Comfort is one of the best attributes of high index eyeglasses, so making sure your eyes are comfortable from the situations you face everyday is important.

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