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I Have Thick Lenses On My Glasses, Can I Make Them Look Thinner?

Looking for a better way to wear glasses with a strong prescription?Do I Really Need to Get Ultra-Thin High Index Lenses?

Can I Make Lenses Look Thinner On My Glasses

Prescription glasses wearers have a burden on their faces when they have to deal with a strong prescription. Heavy, clunky glasses can lead to sore areas on your nose, glasses sliding down your face, and other inconveniences. High index lenses are the solution to this problem.

High index is basically a type of lens material that is thinner than normal lens materials. So, if you have a pair of glasses with regular plastic lenses and another with high index lenses in the same prescription, the high index lenses will be thinner. This is because, the higher a lenses refractive index (generally referred to as simply “index”), the less thickness it takes to get the same prescription.

If you have thick lenses on your glasses and want to make them look thinner, here’s what you should know:

  • High index lenses are the best way to get thinner, lighter lenses with the same prescription.
  • High index lenses come in a variety of “high” indexes. There is high index 1.67, 1.70, 1.74, and even glass high index 1.80 and 1.90.
  • If you’re looking for a great balance between thinness, lightness, and value, you should consider high index plastic 1.70 and 1.74.
  • To get the thinnest lenses possible, you should also choose a glasses frame that has smaller, round lenses.
  • High index lenses are the most high-tech lenses on the market, and the only ones capable of ensuring that you get the thinnest, lightest, most attractive-looking lenses possible.
  • In addition to making your lenses thinner and lighter, high index lenses also reduce the eye distortion of your lenses, so your eyes will be less apt to appear to be smaller or larger than they actually are.

If you wear prescription glasses and have a strong prescription, you will be very happy with the effect that high index lenses have on your lens thickness.

Shop High Index Glasses

If you have thick lenses on your glasses, you can make them look thinner. High index lenses are available now in a huge variety of frames, colors, prescription types, and index values. You’ll be amazed at how attractive your glasses can look.

If you have any questions about high index lenses, how to get the most attractive lenses possible, or what’s right for your prescription, take a look at some of our other posts or leave a comment below with your question. Thanks for reading!

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