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High Index Glass Lenses Are They Better Than Plastic

Choosing between high index plastic and high index glass lenses?

Plastic or High Index Glass Lenses, Which Is Better

High Index Glass Lenses Are They Better Than PlasticThey both have their strengths and weaknesses, and the right choice will really depend on the individual. You’ll need to consider a number of variables, such as impact resistance, scratch resistance, lens thickness, aesthetics, and frame choice.

For very strong prescriptions, high index glass lenses will show the least eye distortion from the outside, since they will be thinner than plastic lenses. Glass lenses, though, also have a low Abbe number, which means they tend to suffer more from abnormalities such as color aberration.

Although high index plastic lenses will be slightly thicker than the equivalent glass lens, they will also be much lighter. High index plastic is also much less likely to crack when dropped, as the glass lenses are very brittle. Glass lenses are also not suitable for rimless frames.

Both lenses require anti-reflective coatings as they are both very reflective.

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For many the choice comes down to cost and plastic lenses are certainly cheaper than their glass counterparts. However, many people simply prefer glass lenses. Only you can make the final decision, but we’ll always be here to answer any questions you may have.

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