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High-Index Eyeglasses Can Meet Your Specific Visual Needs

When patients go into the eye exam room, they all hope that the eye doctor will tell them they have a 20/20 vision, but unfortunately for many people, this is not something they will hear. Everyone does not have 20/20 vision, but you can be happy with the results you do get, especially if you are able to get the right lens options. 

One choice of lens options that many people are not familiar with is high-index lenses. High-index lenses are the alternative to the traditional plastic lenses. High-index lenses are made up of a material that is dense. When your lens options are made of a dense material, the result you will get is thinner and lighter lenses.

When your lens options are made of a dense material, the result you will get is thinner and lighter lenses. High-index lenses are designed and produced for people who have been given a strong prescription. You do not have to wear glasses that are uncomfortable and unattractive just because you need a strong prescription. No one wants to look awkward while they are wearing glasses, and high-index lenses will ensure that you will not look awkward while wearing the glasses.

High-index lenses are designed with the latest lens technology and they are great lenses for anyone who has specific needs regarding their vision. If you are new to wearing glasses, you will not have to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by wearing glasses.

High-index lenses are suitable for those who have to wear glasses for the first time and they are suitable for those who may have had issues with adapting to glasses in the past.

Another great thing about high-index lenses are the features that you can have as an add-on. Some of the common add-ons to high-index eyeglasses are listed below:

Anti-Scratch Coating

Many lenses that are made today will automatically come with a scratch-resistant feature. However, the scratch-resistant coating will usually be a basic coating. Scratch resistant coating may not always mean your lenses will not have a single scratch on them. However, the coating may be able to prevent most of the scratches you may experience with normal and daily wear. You can also have additional scratch-resistant coating placed on your lenses that will do a better job of protecting your lenses.

UV Coating

One of the best add-ons that you can have on your lenses is ultraviolet coating. UV coating will do a good job of protecting your eyes because the harmful UV rays will be blocked. When your eyes are exposed to too much sunlight, your eyes can be seriously damaged. UV coating is not the same as tinted lenses. Tinted lenses will not filter the ultraviolet lighting.

Anti-Reflective Coating

A wonderful thing about high-index lenses is the anti-reflective coating that can be added onto the lenses. High-index lenses can reflect up to fifty percent more lighting than the plastic lenses. If you have a retinal disease, if you have difficulty seeing at night, if you have cataracts, or if you are constantly looking at a computer screen, you will love the benefits you will get from an anti-reflective coating on your high-index lenses.

Have you been prescribed eyeglasses for the first time? Have you been wearing glasses for many years and are finally looking for the eyeglasses that will fit your specific visual needs? If you have not tried high-index eyeglasses, today is your opportunity to change your eyeglasses and your eyeglasses features.

High-index lenses can make a significant difference in your life because you will know longer struggle to see, and you will no longer have that awkward feeling of wearing glasses.

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