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Do I Need High Index Glasses?

Wondering if high index glasses are for you?

How to Know If You Need High Index Glasses

Many people who hear about high index and have a strong prescription wonder at what point they need high index glasses. While there is no specific rule for a “cut-off” where you should transition to high index glasses, there are some guidelines that you’d be wise to follow. The stronger your prescription is, the more you’ll benefit from high index glasses, and the more you’ll struggle with non-high-index glasses. For instance, someone with a -9.00 prescription in “standard index” lenses is going to have a lot of distortion, discomfort from lens weight, and possible discomfort from thick lenses hitting the eyelashes. That same person will have less or none of these problems if he or she has the same prescription in high index lenses.

If you’re wondering “Do I need high index glasses?” here’s what you should know:

  • It’s a good idea to switch to high index glasses when your prescription passes the -6.00 or +4.00 mark.
  • Thicker lenses cause distortion known as “aberration,” which blurs lines and causes lenses to make rainbows out of solid light. Thinner (high index) lenses typically mean less aberration, though this is not as true with high index glass lenses.
  • Thicker lenses are heavier. When you have a strong prescription in non-high-index lenses, you risk discomfort from the added weight on your nose as well as the inconvenience of your glasses sliding down your face from the weight.
  • High index lenses will improve your looks by cutting down on eye distortion caused by thick lenses. If you get the “bug-eye” or “tiny eyes” look from your thick lenses, expect it to be significantly reduced or eliminated with high index lenses.
  • High index lenses generally last longer than standard index lenses because they are more scratch resistant and lighter in weight.

If you have standard index lenses and are tired of the weight, eye distortion, and/or color distortions caused by your lenses, it’s time to switch to high index glasses.

Shop High Index Glasses

If you’ve never had high index lenses before and are unsure what to get, take a look at our other articles or leave a comment below. High index lens options are plentiful, and it’s easy to order something that’s not optimal for your specific needs. With high index, also, pricier does not always equal better. High index lenses will make your glasses more comfortable, better-looking, more flattering for you, and more durable. When you switch, you’ll be happy you did. High index lenses are the highest-quality lenses on the market today, and it’s no wonder that they’re extremely popular. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

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