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Choosing High Index Lenses: The Impact Of Genetics And Health On Your Vision

Sometimes we can take our eyesight for granted. Many of us have been so accustomed to waking up and seeing our surroundings that we do not think about what life will be like without perfect vision.

However; when we start to see or feel some changes in our eyesight, we begin to know the importance of properly caring for the eyes. It is very important that everyone is aware of the type of changes that can take place in the eyes.

Some of these vision changes can be prevented and if a major vision change does occur, there are things you can do to help you better adjust to the change. As we begin to age, it is definitely important to know how to accept the vision changes and adjust to them so you can continue life as you know it.

What Can You Do?

If you still have your vision, then you should be extremely grateful. Vision is a huge part of our lives. This is why it is important that people know the things they can do to stop critical vision changes from taking place.

Sometimes changes in vision take place because of genetics. Some people are not aware of their genetic background. It is important to know the family history when it comes to vision so you can know what questions to ask when it is time for an eye exam.

When you are aware of the history of your family, you can be aware of the vision changes that you may experience. You will also be more willing to get regular eye exams.

Vision And Health

One of the things that we can do to help our eyesight is by eating the right foods. Yes, the right foods. When your body is filled with the right nutrients, you will not only keep your body healthy but your eyes.

Eating the right foods that have the right amount of vitamins can also help you avoid getting any illness or disease. One of the diseases that can have a major impact on your eyes is diabetes. Some people who have diabetes have experienced weaker vision and some have completely lost their vision.

The Temptations Of TV And Other Technology

We know how tempting our computers, cell phones, and tablets are. Some people use various forms of technology on a daily basis, but they are not aware of how uncomfortable it can be for the eyes.

Constantly looking at small devices and small font sizes will cause you to strain your eyes. Your eyes can be greatly damaged due to you constantly staring at screens all day.

We understand that sometimes you have no choice because it is part of your job, but it is recommended to take breaks every few minutes to rest your eyes.


People who have already experienced changes in vision or if they expect vision changes to occur, they may find it uncomfortable and difficult to put on a pair of the coke bottle frame glasses.

Wearing thick lenses can cause your face to feel heavier, and this can certainly be an uncomfortable feeling. However, there are eyeglasses with thin lenses that can be worn instead of the thick lenses.

High index lenses do a better job of blocking the light that may distract your vision. These lenses are also more appealing to many people because they do not give people the impression that you have “bug eyes”. If you have a strong prescription, you can expect to wear lenses that have a high-index level.

If you have been experiencing changes in your vision or if you know you will have vision changes soon because of your family history, high index lenses could be exactly what you need.

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