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Best High Index Lens to Reduce Eye Strain

If you’re having eye strain and have a high prescription, you’ll want to know which lens is best for reducing eye strain and lens thickness.

Best High Index Lens to Reduce Eye Strain

Best High Index Lens to Reduce Eye StrainEye strain can be debilitating and frustrating to deal with on a daily basis. Additionally, strong prescriptions lead to thick lenses, which not only look and feel bad, but can add to eye strain. High index lenses will reduce your thickness, but what’s the best high index lens to reduce eye strain?

High index lenses are great, but they do come with their own set of problems, relatively small though they may be. High index lenses can cause aberration, or blurring of colors, as well as reflections. Finding a high index lens with a good balance of thinness and aberration, and getting anti-reflective (AR) coating, can help with these.

What’s the best high index lens to reduce eye strain?

  • 1.70 high index lenses are considered to be some of the best high index lenses because of their balance of low aberration and thin lenses.
  • 1.70 high index lenses will help reduce eye strain because of their thinness and high Abbe number.
  • AR coating should always be ordered on any high index lenses, include 1.70. This will reduce glare, reflections, and refracted light which can reduce visibility and increase eye strain.
  • If you have eye strain related to progressive bifocals, it’s important to ensure that your doctor gets your segment height right and your prescription correct. These will reduce eye strain.
  • If you have problems with eye strain, be sure to tell this to your doctor. You may need a special bifocal prescription to accommodate heavy computer use, separate glasses for different uses, or even a customized prescription for driving.

The best high index lens to reduce eye strain will likely be high index plastic 1.70, but you will need to discuss your eye strain and your prescription with your doctor or with an optical professional to ensure that you get a prescription tailored to accommodate your individual eye strain triggers.

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If you have any questions about high index lenses, eye strain, or what’s best for you, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!

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