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Advantages of High Index Lenses

Wondering whether high index lenses are worth all the hype?

High Index Lenses: The Advantages

High index lenses are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are wearing them and enjoying the thinness, light weight, and comfort that come with them. But what are all the advantages, and are they worth the higher price tag?

High index lenses are popular for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they make your lenses thinner. Refractive index, or just index, of a lens is its ability to bend light efficiently. The higher the index, the less lens material is required to bend the same amount of light. So if you have a higher index, you can have a thinner lens with the same prescription.

High index plastic lenses are also more lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear than standard plastic lenses or glass lenses. This is because of the reduction in lens material. In addition to their light weight, high index lenses are more scratch proof than standard lenses, and they are more aesthetically pleasing, causing less eye distortion.

Here are all the advantages of high index lenses:

  • High index lenses are thinner than standard lenses, making your prescription seem less strong and also making your glasses look better in profile… especially when you have a strong prescription.
  • High index plastic lenses are more light weight than standard plastic, polycarbonate, or glass lenses. This means less slipping down your nose and more comfort.
  • Another of the advantages of high index plastic lenses is their ability to reduce eye distortion. Most people with strong prescriptions experience a phenomenon where their prescription lenses make their eyes appear larger or smaller than they are. High index lenses reduce or eliminate this effect.
  • High index lenses are more scratch proof than their standard index counterparts. This is because high index is, in general, denser and therefore harder than standard index lenses. The density would make them heavier if it weren’t for the reduction in lens material.
  • High index lenses are no longer as expensive as they used to be, and you have options. Considering all the advantages of high index lenses, it’s worth shopping around. You may be surprised with how affordable high index lenses can be nowadays. Many online stores even let you send in your own frame to have the lenses inserted in.

If you’re looking for a great pair of prescription glasses, the advantages of high index lenses likely outweigh the costs.

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To make an educated decision, it’s a good idea to consider some of the downsides of high index lenses as well. If you are ordering high index glass lenses, they will be more brittle and likely to break if dropped. High index plastic is much more popular and what we generally recommend. High index lenses are also more reflective and prone to glare than standard index lenses, so we always recommend going with an anti-reflective (AR) coating. Finally, there are some larger frames that have limits for what kinds of high index lenses can go into them, so your frame selection is slightly less than with standard index.

If you’re interested in high index lenses and want to know more, check out some of our other posts or leave a comment below! High index lenses are a great choice for anybody with a strong prescription, and we will always recommend them.

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