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1.67 High Index Single Vision Lenses

High index lenses can get incredibly expensive. If you’re looking for thin, lightweight, and affordable high index lens glasses, 1.67 high index single vision lenses may be the best choice for you.High Index Glass Lenses Are They Better Than Plastic

Thin and Lightweight 1.67 High Index Single Vision Lenses

High index lenses come in a huge variety of indexes, colors, lens types, and materials. Sifting through the multitude of choices can be overwhelming and even prohibitive to your shopping experience, not to mention how outrageously expensive high index lens shopping can get.

If you are looking to keep your prices from getting too expensive and your shopping experience from getting too confusing, 1.67 high index lenses are a good choice for you. In single vision, they are the most common high index lenses on the market, and they are also the most inexpensive. They come in clear and Transitions lens colors and can be inserted into almost any type of standard eyeglasses frame.

Why you should consider 1.67 high index:

  • 1.67 high index is the most inexpensive high index lens material on the market.
  • 1.67 high index lenses are available in clear and Transitions single vision and progressive lens types. They are affordable even with progressive Transitions; other materials can get more expensive even with only a clear, standard single vision.
  • 1.67 high index lenses in single vision are the most common high index lenses. They are worn by a huge portion of the high index lenses community.
  • 1.67 high index lenses have all the features you’d hope for in high index: they are thin, lightweight, scratch-resistant, and attractive.
  • 1.67 high index lenses can be tinted to make sunglasses or other colored-lens glasses.
  • The only people who should not get 1.67 high index lenses are those with extremely high prescriptions (stronger than +/- 10.00) who need their lenses to be very thin.

Shopping for glasses should be an enjoyable experience, but if it’s getting overwhelming then it’s a good idea to narrow your options, especially if you are shopping for high index lenses online for the first time.

1.67 high index lenses are available in most frame types and the most popular lens colors. They can be used as driving glasses, sunglasses, clear glasses, and all-conditions Transitions. They are inexpensive, thin, lightweight, and sleek. It’s no wonder they’re the most popular high index lenses on the market.

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