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1.67 Transitions VI Photochromic

Transitions®, the company that first developed and introduced photochromic lenses to the eye-wear market, is constantly innovating, adapting, and improving their signature product.

Photochromic 1.67 Transitions VI

1.67 Transitions VI PhotochromicIn response to customer complaints of slow-transitioning lenses, one of these improvements resulted in the release of Transitions® VI, a photochromic coating that allows up to a 40% faster shift in tint. This upgrade to standard transitional lenses also provides better UV protection and darkens more fully in hotter weather.

If you use high index material, including 1.67, the switch to Transitions® VI should well dispel previous problems you may have experienced with photochromic lenses. As you probably know, previous photochromic coatings did not always react the same when applied to different materials. Transitions® VI evens the playing field on this score, providing a coating that changes faster regardless of lens material. Glass, plastic, 1.50 standard, 1.67 or greater high index, it doesn’t matter; Transitions® VI provides unparalleled performance on any surface.

The Transitions® VI differences include:

  • Quicker Darkening Ratio – Tests show that in comparison to Transitions® Next Generation, the previous generation of Transitions lenses, VI lenses perform slightly faster, darkening to 82% (in gray format) and 78% (in brown format) in one minute.
  • Quicker Clearing Ratio – Again compared to Next Generation lenses, VI lenses clear 30% faster in gray and 40% faster in brown.
  • Performance During Temperature Swings – Sensitivity to strong temperatures and a proclivity to not reach a fully darkened state when exposed to them is a disadvantage inherent in all photochromic lenses. Improved manufacturing techniques and chemical dye processing that is unique to the Transitions® VI line resulted in lenses that obtain darkness rates 10% (gray) or 15% (brown) better than the previous generation.
  • Improved Ultraviolet Light Absorption – Photochromic lenses already absorb 100% of both UVA and UVB rays, but Transitions® VI take it up a notch, providing UV400 protection.

Shop High Index GlassesIf you’re contemplating your next eye-wear purchase and use 1.67 high index lenses, consider adding Transitions® VI to your lenses. You’ll enjoyed better sun protection, reduced glare, less eye strain, and just the right amount of tinted shade in any light condition you encounter.

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