JUN 28

1.74 High Index Progressive Transition Lenses: The Best of Three Worlds

Ever hear the saying that you are getting the best of both worlds? In some cases, even that might not be enough. It assumes a simple duality; there are only two alternatives. But if there are actually more potentially outcomes, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you take a part in all of them? […]

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JUN 22

Get Your 1.74 High-Index Progressive Transition Lenses In Time For Summer

Summer is almost here! Are you excited? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your current prescription glasses and if they will provide you with the protection you need this summer. This summer, in addition to working, you will probably want to enjoy a few other activities including trips to the beach, hiking, […]

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JUN 07

5 Scenarios in Which High Index Lenses Make Sense for You

Do I need high index lenses? Especially if you’ve been reading up on different types of lenses for your eyewear, this is a relevant question to ask. High index alternatives tend to be more expensive than their counterparts, so you don’t want to buy them just for the sake of it. Instead, you need to […]

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MAY 25

Six Reasons Your Next High Index Lenses Should Be Transition Xtractive

Buying a pair of eyeglasses is a uniquely personal decision. It’s not so much private as it is something that you simply have to decide for yourself. You know not only your style and taste for frames better, but also what works with your face and will be comfortable on your head and in front […]

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MAY 18

The Difference Between 1.67 High Index Lenses and 1.59 Polycarbonate Lenses

Whether you’re buying glasses for your child or looking into what you should get for your own next pair, there are two ways to go about choosing a new pair of glasses. There are the people who ‘just go with it’. They drift happily from the optometrist to the frames shop without too much worry. […]

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MAY 07

Do I Need High Index Lenses?

Every time something innovative and new is invented, there is always the question of who will need it and who won’t. Electric heaters, for instance, incredible as they are for making homes in cold climates affordably warm and cozy are also only useful to people who live in those cold climates. While some innovations are […]

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APR 30

Debunking the Myths About High-Index Lenses

The modern world is full of new inventions for glasses wearers. There are half a dozen different useful coatings including anti-scratch, anti-reflection, and anti-fog. The bifocals that we’ve had for centuries have been advanced to ‘progressive’ lenses which are lineless bifocals for more optimal distance focusing. Even prescription shades have gotten easier to acquire with […]

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APR 23

9 Tips to Find Your High Index Eyeglasses (After Putting Them Down Somewhere)

Getting a new pair of high index eyeglasses is always something to be excited about. The thin, unusually clear lenses give you the opportunity to see the world with a clarity most classes wearers are unused to and often we manage to achieve that perfect situation where you forget you’re even wearing glasses. Unfortunately, as […]

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APR 05

When Should You Switch a Child from Normal Glasses to High Index Lenses?

Almost all families have at least one person who wears glasses and most have several. While near- and far-sightedness often run in families, the variance between even two people with the same parents is sometimes significant. For bespectacled parents of children who wear glasses, there’s always the rueful relatability. You know what it’s like to […]

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MAR 23

How to Protect Your Eyes from Office Computer Strain

With every passing decade, there are fewer and fewer jobs that are done without spending at least a few hours a day in front of a computer screen and the vast majority of jobs involve most of your work time spent typing, reading, and designing at a desk looking at one or more screens all […]

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